Feb 2016

February 2016 Newsletter – The firm of the future… are we there yet?

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The firm of the future… are we there yet?

It’s been over a decade since CPA Australia released its Firm of the Future report. Interestingly, there was a section headed “Outsourcing? Get used to it” but no reference in the document to “Cloud”. How times have changed!

You can click here to read the PDF report directly.

What is the Future for Offshoring?

Late last year the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia released a publication on the future for offshoring.

Labour is no longer tethered to fixed capital. Tasks can now be easily outsourced to offshore freelancers, or even automated via the cloud. Offshoring can enable organisations to operate more effectively and flexibly.

There are areas for expansion as organisations consider more complex functions as part of the offshoring decision.

Whilst the question of whether we should even be offshoring is sometimes raised, this report mentioned sharp improvements in productivity gains are essential in order to maintain Australia’s living standards.

To maintain the current growth in living standards, Australia’s productivity growth would have to double. Offshoring can play a key role in this.

And interestingly Offshoring has not had a substantially adverse effect on jobs and growth in the domestic services sector.

Becoming the Firm of the Future

But back to the Firm of the Future…

In 2014 the AICPA had a presentation on Becoming the Firm of the Future.

Worth a look.


Outsourcing work over the next 12 months

The Commonwealth bank December accounting market pulse noted that of large firms 80% are going to increase outsourcing work, and the remaining 20% are going to increase significantly outsourcing of work.

You can click here to read the Report (PDF).


There’s a lot going on… Disruption, Globalisation, Offshoring, The Cloud.

There obviously is change in the accounting world.

Are we there yet, probably not… But the reality is that in today’s world ‘late adopter’ equals ‘out of business’

Sage Connect 2016

Odyssey will have a stand down at Sage Connect 2016 in Sydney at the Australian Technology Park on 18th February 2016.

Stop by for a chat!

Sage Connect 2016

ORL motorbike trip… North Vietnam Adventure!

Yes, it’s on again. Odyssey’s 5th Client Motorbike Trip. Starting in Hanoi Saturday 4th June 2016 to Saturday 11th June 2016.

You can now watch a video about the upcoming trip.

Contact us for more details!

Odyssey Motorbike trip... North Vietnam Adventure

If you’d like any more information about our outsourced services from Vietnam please drop us a line.

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