Aug 2019


Odyssey’s Australian tax outsourcing – 15 years, and the change continues

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Australian tax, Odyssey Resources, Outsourcing

As we come up to our 15th year in providing Australian tax, accounting and bookkeeping services to Australian clients, we thought we’d grab a photo of one of the awards nominations we had from back in 2007, when outsourcing was very new, and regarded as a business innovation.

One thing is for sure, what is new and exciting one year, suddenly becomes de rigueur and more likely critical.

In order to compete, businesses must make use of resources and inputs as best they can. The trend continues whereby offshore labour is deployed in many business areas, and the internet facilitates and will continue to facilitate, digital processing offshore.

And it’s an exciting time. The opportunities not only for Australian accounting firms, but in so many other areas, are massive. We only seem limited by our imagination, and to some extent the regulatory bodies and governments. The breaking down of barriers, including trade barriers, creates opportunities and risks for every firm.

I don’t believe there would be an Australian accounting firm anywhere today that hasn’t had a discussion about outsourcing and sending work offshore.

These trends will continue.

And what was once new and exciting, will become standard and obligatory.

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