Feb 2020

Australian Accounting Firms: Do you tell your clients about the value they receive from your Outsourcing Partner?

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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While outsourcing bookkeeping, accounting, and compliance jobs has become a common trend for Australian accounting firms, there’s always a different reason for which you are outsourcing.

Maybe you’re short on in-house resources, maybe you don’t have enough staff for some rush periods, and you could need outsourcing to catch your deadlines. You could also be outsourcing if you want to change your model to business advisory and meet your clients more, or provide more added value services to your clients.

However, sending compliance work overseas can turn out to be a cause of concern for some of your clients.

Where does your clients fear come from? Here come up some questions that your clients may concern about:

  • Can your overseas outsourcer ensure the jobs are processed at a high quality?
  • How do you protect your clients’ confidential data?
  • How about the working condition of your outsourcing partners?

How to tell your clients about your outsourcing partner and benefits?

Let’s openly tell your clients what the real value they’re getting from your outsourcer is:

  1. Your outsourcing partner is not a freelancer. This is a well-experienced outsourcing company with more than 200 staff trained professionally in Australian accounting. All outsourced staff are working in a highly secure office, with strict security policies following up-to-date best practices, ensure your clients data confidentiality.
  2. Your outsourcer will allow you to offer more services for the same fees, and more time to meet your clients, for a better understanding of their challenges.
  3. Also, your outsourcing partner processes thousands of jobs similar to your clients’, providing an additional experience to yours, while you will ultimately be reviewing the work. So it’s like combining the experience of the outsourcer with yours, for the same (or lower) price.

Well, these may be some common concerns of your clients about outsourcing. But if you are clear with them of their benefits when you use an Outsourcing partner, you may not only be able to provide a better service, but even gain more clients who will be appreciating all the added value.

Worried about outsourcing? Drop Odyssey a line and we’ll help you get over those Outsourcing fears!

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