Nov 2020


List of 10 Signs Outsourcing is going to help your Australian tax compliance work

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, as they have for the last 30 years, but it seems these days that being an entrepreneur has replaced people’s dreams of being a rock star, or was it an astronaut…

While not everyone deliberately goes out in life to become the owner of an Australian compliance accounting firm, you end up where you end up, through the choices you’ve made previously.

Taking time to get unstuck from the mind numbing drudgery of the daily routine is sometimes hard, and it gets harder as the ruts get deeper. The reality is that most participants are happy to keep the status quo: and that includes the software houses, your staff, your clients, your suppliers, and your customers.

So what are the signs that you might be stagnating, and that outsourcing might help..

1. You are not only stuck with the mundane tasks, but you actually kind of like them. So your day involves coming in, checking the bank, checking the emails, having a look at the WIP, looking at the jobs out yesterday, jobs in yesterday. Stop! This is not what business owners do!

2. You had a holiday plan, but you feel like you can’t really take the time off, and the holiday shrinks every year, and moves closer to home (and not that great overseas expedition)

3. You spend most of your time on the mundane, and haven’t developed other business streams. Business consulting is just something you hear about every time you go to seminar, or when you open up your email and see someone pushing it into your inbox, or maybe when your coach gives you a gee-up

4. You haven’t really formulated a social media plan. You’re secretly happy when you hear in the new that “XYZ company” has decided to stop social media, as deep down you think it’s a crock, or maybe that you can get away with not doing it until you retire, or maybe the people that make $ out of social media are few and far between (like those rock stars!)

5. You have a family, but they don’t see you much. They don’t really engage with you at home, but that’s ok, cause you’ve half convinced yourself that in this digital age they’d rather be on some social media site than engaging with you

6. Those hobbies you used to like, you don’t have time for them anymore. You’ve half convinced yourself that either you don’t like them any more, you aren’t fit enough, or it’s not the same, or … (insert your own really important excuse here)…

7. You are the finder. The sales guy. Outsourcing has nothing to do with you. That’s the responsibility of the minders or the grinders. Someone else problem!

8. Cash is pretty tight, or time is pretty tight, there are looming tax deadlines, I can’t get the other directors to agree, or some other great reason why now is not the time, and you’ll look at it next tax season.

9. There are other more important things to do first. You still need to make a decision on whether to move to the cloud, whether to invest in a new server or host it online, whether to change practice management software, what bookkeeping software to recommend to your clients, learning the new online systems. Phew! It’s no wonder I don’t have time for outsourcing. I’m spending all my time on the tools!!

10. It will never work. This is just the “too hard” bin.

Any of these sounds familiar?

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