Dec 2020


8 key advantages of using ad-hoc resources for Australian tax compliance outsourcing

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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In this blog we look at 8 key advantages of using ad-hoc resources for Australian tax compliance outsourcing.

Warning: These are the secrets the “per seat” leasing people would rather you didn’t know…

  1. You cut down your overheads by only paying for Actual work done

This is the most important factor. You don’t have to pay for all the overheads associated with an employee, or a remote employee. No sick leave, vacation, training, or managing staff.

  1. You don’t have to manage the employees

When you pay for a job to be done, you are managing jobs. When you have “seats” then you are back in the employee management business. As your clients pay for jobs, it’s easier to align your firm when your firm also works to managing jobs.

  1. You don’t have to chew up time using your Australian based managers to train the employees, manage the employees, or review the employees work.

There is a two fold benefit here. One is that you are paying for work to be done, and your Australian managers aren’t bogged down in low value work, or managing/reviewing low value work. The other advantage is that your managers can work on higher value-add work, which is usually more challenging and job fulfilling.

  1. You can manage the workload when the work arrives.

This puts less pressure on you to manage your clients. The reality is that clients bring their work whenever they like. That’s pretty much been the way it has always been done. In today’s world, even with the cloud, clients are still focused on their business, and not on their compliance! Outsourcing allows you to give your clients a better quality service.

  1. You don’t lose work. You can access a higher range of resources.

With a variable workforce, you can ramp up the workforce when you need it. And with a supplier of size (like Odyssey) you can shovel over plenty of different compliance work and it will be sent to specialists in each area.

  1. Creating a stronger firm.

With the compliance burden lifted, you should be focusing on new areas that you want to be your core competencies. It’s absolutely critical that the outsourcing provider gives a full Quality service, otherwise you are back to managing remote workers. You empower yourself to create a firm of the future, and to introduce new services to your clients.

  1. Outsourcing reduces the risks in losing staff.. And clients.

Most accounting business owners have stories of dread of losing staff and managers at key times, or having staff suddenly be less productive due to personal reasons. At worst, your staff leave and take your clients. Most small firms don’t have a buffer of spare staff, and Outsourcing allows you to manage the risks.

  1. You improve productivity and work quality

With a provider such as Odyssey Resources, you can expect high quality work. This means less time reviewing inhouse, and better productivity for your inhouse staff. Quality work means more satisfied clients, and less embarrassing moments when you are sitting down and asking them to sign their tax returns.

Outsourcing only really works when you select a high quality service provider, who has sufficient resources to grow with your firm. Talk to Odyssey today about how we can help your firm.

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