Dec 2020


Top 5 reasons why “Outsourced” Remote staff are outperforming local office workers

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
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In a recent Harvard Business Review report the number of people who say they can’t concentrate at their desk has increased by 16% since 2008, and the number of those who don’t have access to quiet places to do focused work is up by 13%.

Office space design today seems to come with noises and other distractions that break concentration or inhibit the ability to focus, let alone the constant distraction of the ever present iPhones.

With the ability to consume empty social media calories whenever we like, it’s not surprising that office workers find it difficult to seek that endorphin rush that comes from checking social media.

And if it’s not social media, then it’s other apps, planning for trips away, or texting or calling. The list of non-work distractions adds up.

And even on a good day, when focused on work, too many people consider pushing emails around an organisation as value. Most surely, it’s easy to lose yourself in an email pushing day, without achieving any longer team goals.

So in considering this inability to complete compliance work without significant distraction, we’ve come up with 5 reasons why “outsourced” remote staff can spend more time on the job, and end up with higher quality work.

  1. Outsourced remote staff are specialists. You’ll find good outsourcing companies specialize their staff into functional areas. It’s not a jack of all trades. It’s a master of one compliance area.
  2. Outsourced remote staff have an ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Good outsourcing companies restrict outside distractions, including no access to email/phone/chats.
  3. Outsourced remote staff have specialised support/training/mentoring, which is tailored to their work. For good outsourcing firms this is delivered on-site.
  4. Outsourced remote staff don’t have internet access, nor do they have access to their iPhones in the office environment. It’s all about getting the job done!
  5. Dedicated outsourcing companies generally can focus their employees on compliance work. Good outsourcing companies have streamlined and systemized their workflows and process, so there is negligible time spent in meetings or in chats. It’s about just getting the job done.

So forget the 5 minute morning huddle, and have a chat to us about how we can free up your local office workers to get going on the important stuff!!

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