May 2021

Australians happier to import workers for some jobs

By: Odyssey General, Outsourcing

In an interesting news article recently the fed-up Federal Employment minister urged unemployed Australians to stop relying on their neighbours and go out and find a job.

Perhaps the most important statement of the article was we have “we got to a point where we are happy for Australians to say ‘no, you don’t have to do those jobs, we’ll get someone from overseas, you just stay on benefits and your neighbour will pay those costs’,”.

As part of the new (dobseeker) national employer reporting line is “to say to Australians you have a responsibility, you just can’t sit on the JobSeeker payment and expect your neighbours to cover that lifestyle,”

“The whole point of the national reporting line is to ensure that mutual obligations, which is people’s responsibility back to their community, to their neighbours, are fulfilled.” And “Why have we got to the point where people are talking about their entitlements but not their responsibilities, and that’s what, partially, the employer reporting line is all about.”

There now seems to be an accepted shift towards accepting seasonal temporary workers (under the work for visa scheme) or visa immigration for work, where there are likely to be Australians who could do this work, but prefer to be on the benefits. This is an interesting topic, as some do move into regional areas where work is scarce, to ensure their benefits continue.

However, at the same time, this is a massive shift in the acceptance of foreign workers who will do the work Australians don’t want to do.

For decades, there have been struggles to find competent Australian accountants, with the industry lamenting the lack of accountants to perform compliance work.

Perhaps the answer is already here. The work which can be done by overseas workers (either in Australia or overseas) is no longer an issue, as the culture of Australia has changed to accept work that could be done by Australians is ok to be done by foreign workers.

The (unemployed) people have spoken.

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