Jul 2021

Australia, the race to digital for Australian compliance accounting firm owners is now critical.

By: Odyssey General, Outsourcing
Tags: COVID19, labour shortage

More recent news with Australia’s actions on Coronavirus notes the vaccination rates continue to be of concern, that Australia may turn into a hermit kingdom, and the powers in Authority have shown they are comfortable putting nearly half of Australia into lockdown. In the spate of recent lockdowns, there has also been recent news articles at the movement of Australians and concern over quarantine, with the FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) workers now being under the spotlight.

There seems confusion in Australia as to the path forward for Australians to return to whatever is seen as the new normal. It’s clear that Coronavirus will stay as part of the landscape of all countries in the world, and will do so for many years to come.

Australia has indicated lockdowns will continue to be a part of the tools to deploy, especially in light of low vaccination rates. In the news there are links to a solution involving high vaccination rates (70-80%) and herd immunity.

What is clear is that lockdowns will continue to be a tool in the authorities arsenal for dealing with Coronavirus. And this leads to the conclusion there will continue to be concerns over quarantine along with articles noting Australia is falling behind in the coronavirus race and limiting arrivals will ultimately limit economic recovery.

For Australian accounting firm owners, it’s now clear that there will continue to be restrictions on the physical movement of labour, including Australian based workers, international students feeding into graduate positions, returning experienced Australian expats, and qualified international immigrants/skilled visa holders.

Any Australian accounting firm owner relying on a “return to normal” is not going to be competitive with those firms that are shifting their business model to finding clients online, and finding staffing resources online.

The 3-5 year solution for Australian accounting firm owners must be to convert their business model into a fully digital online business, and make use of all remote workers – both Australian based and Internationally based.

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