Sep 2021

Australian domestic accountants relocating to remote areas may face pay cuts of up to 25%

By: Odyssey General, Outsourcing
Tags: COVID19, work from home

More recently we’ve seen Australian businesses grappling with vaccination requirements and whether mandatory vaccinations can or should be implemented in the workplace. And it seems there is no ‘one size fits all” solution to the issue, with working conditions ranging from manufacturing operations with large workforces operating in static factory like conditions, Trade service people (like removalists) moving through the community frequently, FIFO workers moving through public spaces, and the service entities that are involved with operating public spaces (from airports to hospitals). All seemingly with risks to the community in light of the recent pandemic.

At the same time, working from home and remote working has taken on a life of it’s own, with general reluctance to return to the workforce for some employees, working parents with stay-at-home children (due to school closures) being stressed, and a raft of different at home situations requiring a raft of different solutions.

For Australian accounting firm owners, the recent comment by google that employees can continue to work from home, but would potential pay cuts to employees who choose to work remotely of up to 25%, serve as an interesting connection between workers in the office space (face to face), versus remote workers in Australia, versus remote workers overseas.

Australian accounting firm owners now appear to be able to have the discussion of the resource costs appropriate to their business, through the selection of an appropriate mix of locally employed accounting staff, domestic remote accounting staff and offshore remote accounting staff.

With the clear move towards situational remuneration (i.e. depending on location), the link between the three resource options is now clearer than ever.If you’d like to explore remote accounting support further, please reach out to us here at Odyssey.

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