May 2022

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Australian Accountants, Why You Need At Least 3 Email Addresses

By: Odyssey General, Outsourcing
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In today’s secure environment, it’s no longer acceptable for Australian accounting firms to deploy just one email address.

Indeed, Australian accounting firm owners should be deploying at least 3 email addresses.

The 3 email addresses we suggest are:

  1. A public company email address
  2. A public personal email address
  3. A private personal email address

Let’s get down to the reasons for these email addresses.

The public company email address should be used for anything work related, and accept this will likely be shared all over the place. It’s likely to be on marketing lists, and likely then can be subject to attempt by hackers to take over your email address. It also is highly likely that any hacks that come onto your company site will only affect your company mailing list.

The public personal email address is the address you use for your private emails. This can include subscriptions to personal related websites, as well as non-financial SaaS sites. You generally should not use your public personal email address whenever there is a likelihood of any financial damage if your email is compromised.

Most importantly, the personal email address should be kept for critical things like banking. It should never be shared in any public area, such as subscriptions. It should also never be used to book things, given the infrequent risk that SaaS are sometimes hacked. The personal email address should be the email address used for your banking recovery, and key account recovery.

Other points:

Consider deploying a decent password generating product, especially for your email passwords.

Make sure you do not store in your online email location anything that can cause financial damage. Don’t keep copies of passports or other ID. Regularly clean up your online email box.

Consider a product like proton mail, which encrypts your message in transmission. ProtonMail also offers additional unlimited “+” mail addresses, which are perfect for specific projects, e.g. [email protected]

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