Mar 2016

Fintech: (Re)Shaping Financial Services

By: Odyssey Publication
Tags: BlockChain, Disintermediation, Disruption, Fintech

PWC have just released their Global FinTech report dated March 2016 titled “Blurred Lines: How FintTech is shaping Financial Services” In the report they note that more than 20% of Financial Services business is at risk to FinTechs by 2020, and 57% are unsure about or unlikely to respond to blockchain technology. Interestingly another word accountants are familiar with is …


Mar 2016

Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand examines The Future of Work: How can we adapt to survive and thrive?

By: Odyssey Publication
Tags: Firm of the future, Offshoring

The Chartered Accountants Australia + New Zealand have released The Future of Work: How can we adapt to survive and thrive? This publication examines mega-trends that continue to shape Australia, such as the erosion of geographical barriers; an ageing population; digital disruption; and, the rise of the peer-to-peer economy. The publication poses questions and intends to start the debate on …


Feb 2016

What is the future for Offshoring?

By: Odyssey Publication
Tags: Offshoring, Outsourced Services

In December 2015 the CA’s future[inc] released a report on the future of offshoring. Globalisation, technology, reduction in barriers to services trade and pressure on fees have impacted outsourcing and offshoring. Labour is no longer tethered to fixed capital and tasks can now easily be outsourced offshore or even automated via the cloud. With the demographic tide turning, Australia will …