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Odyssey Resources clients frequently give Odyssey’s Accounting, Tax, bookkeeping, SMSF outsourcing services and conversion services a Five Star rating. We’ve selected a few comments below!

We completed our first job with Odyssey and were impressed with the outcome. Fantastic David. Thanks again.

Paul, Accounting firm, Victoria

Paul Victoria Outsourcing Services

We have been sending a lot of work to Odyssey and things are moving along nicely.

Ben, Accounting firm, Victoria

Ben Victoria Outsourcing Services

Odyssey have been great to me so happy to pass on the praises.

Natalie, Victoria

Natalie Victoria Outsourcing Services

Thanks for your time regarding the full time resource, we would like to go ahead, so let us know what the next steps are so we can get cracking.

Colin, NSW

Colin NSW Outsourcing Services

I've explained to her how I resource my business using Odyssey and she was interested in saying "hi" and getting some more information. David is the founder of Odyssey and a wealth of advice if you have the chance to chat.

Cate, NSW

Cate NSW Outsourcing Services

We are having a good experience with our accountants, especially L who is an excellent asset. (Alistair has 3 full time staff)

Alistair, NSW

Alistair NSW Outsourcing Services

Yes, very long time between emails – all good here, looks like everything is going very well in Vietnam. The whitepaper was an excellent read, thank you.

Paul, NSW

Paul NSW Outsourcing Services

I am impressed by your professional and service ethics and was wondering if you have any resources for the following additional work, or if you don't could you refer me to a like organisation that you know to share your standards and ethics?

Mark, Vic, 24 May 2015

Mark Vic Outsourcing Services

Hi David, I'd like to introduce you to a colleague who is interested in exploring the Odyssey Resource. I've shared my Experiences with her, and have explained that Odyssey holds registrations with the TPB and CPA. I can't tell you how well the team are working, they are fantastic, and I'm really happy to be able to refer my professional contacts with your team.

Cate, NSW

Cate NSW Outsourcing Services

Just paid your invoice and thank you for the excellent work. Very impressed with the queries raised, and of course all smsf audits.

Mark, WA

Mark WA Outsourcing Services

Busy day yesterday. Two client visits - T from Melbourne and M from NSW

30 Sep 2015

Outsourcing Services

Visit by Sydney Client. Some good training in new service offerings this week!

8 Aug 2014

Outsourcing Services

Visit by D from Melbourne last week for due diligence. 120 SMSF's on the way! magic!

4 May 2015

Outsourcing Services

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