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Odyssey Resources clients frequently give Odyssey’s Accounting, Tax, bookkeeping, SMSF outsourcing services and conversion services a Five Star rating. We’ve selected a few comments below!

I have copied in a close friend and old colleague. X recently started with an accounting firm (that also has a financial services practice within) that had an arrangement with another accounting firm to effectively do their accounting work. This arrangement is to cease in two weeks and they will need to find another solution quickly. I have suggested that they outsource their accounting business services work to you (and they might consider SMSF as well). I have told X about my fantastic experience using Odyssey and hope that you will be able to work together.

Ben, Vic

Ben, Vic Outsourcing Services

Hi Team, wanted to say a big thank you for your immediate assistance. You all make a huge and positive difference to our organisation.

Cate, NSW

Cate NSW Outsourcing Services

I personally think that any Accountant trying to run under the old model is mad. I'm working on another accounting firm I coach at the moment to get them to come across to you as well...

Warwick, QLD

Warwick QLD Outsourcing Services

I have received the information pack, thankyou. The interest is actually for a couple of friends of mine who have opened their own practice on the Northern Beaches and have been looking at outsourcing. They have actually just come back from the Philippines to look at a few options but haven't decided on anything yet. I mentioned to them that C has been using your services for a number of years and he had high praise for the work and service you provide. They were keen to learn a bit more about your setup, so I will pass on your details and information pack and they can contact you directly if they have any questions.

Toutai, NSW

Toutai NSW Outsourcing Services

This is your man for outsourcing, David Carter at Odyssey Resources. They are the best outsourcing company I have used

Colin, NSW

Colin NSW Outsourcing Services

Good to catch up and will push your business here in Australia as you have a good SMSF administration factory.

Grant, QLD

Grant QLD Outsourcing Services

I was very happy with the quality of the job. It was quite good. For super funds I would also like a clean set of financials as well as a marked up set of financials.

Nicholas, QLD

Nicholas QLD Outsourcing Services

As discussed previously when I first came onboard, I have had experiences in running an outsourcing company. I must admit the quality of work provided by your team is exceptional. I will continue to use your firm and hope to develop a long standing working business relationship.

Rocco, NSW

Rocco NSW Outsourcing Services

"Thanks for putting that together David, a good read and confirmed the pros and cons. I'm very happy with your service and want to ramp it up." Refer

Tony, NSW

Tony NSW Outsourcing Services

I am very happy with the work Odyssey is completing which you can see by the amount of work being provided.

Richard, NSW

Richard NSW Outsourcing Services

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