Clients Testimonials and Visits

Odyssey Resources clients frequently give Odyssey’s Accounting, Tax, bookkeeping, SMSF outsourcing services and conversion services a Five Star rating. We’ve selected a few comments below!

Dear Helen
I trust all is well!
I have to say I am very impressed with the work done by your team for our firm over the last year or so.
It has certainly built up our confidence and trust in the quality of work that you and your team are able to deliver.

Richard, Director, Accounting firm, NSW

Richard NSW Outsourcing Services

Good morning,
Your staff did an excellent job picking up those issues, I am very impressed with their excellent attention to detail.
Please finalise and send to me for review.

Benny, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Benny VIC Outsourcing Services

Hi Team,
I just wanted to say a huge thanks for turning around the 2017 SMSF job around so quickly.  Very much appreciated.
Can you please commence the 2018 SMSF job now.

Donna, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Donna WA Outsourcing Services

Hi David
I referred a colleague who recently started using your SMSF services.
I spoke to him on the weekend and he was really really happy with the work you were doing.
Just thought I’d pass that on. Thanks

Brad, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Brad WA Outsourcing Services

Thank you for your great work.
You have done everything I expected.
Please forward us an invoice for your time.

Natalie, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Natalie NSW Outsourcing Services

Thanks team,
A great job, and you've done really well and as expected and as per your usual high standards.

Markus, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Markus VIC Outsourcing Services

Hello David,
I have received my first SMSF audit back – most impressed.
Looking forward to giving you a LOT of work.

John, SMSF Auditor, Accounting firm, NSW

John Sydney Outsourcing Services

Hi David,
We sent some of our manual BAS’s to you guys last quarter and we were very impressed with the quality of the work you did.
As a result I would like to get you to do all of our BAS’s going forward!

Steve, Principal of an Accounting firm, QLD

Steve QLD Outsourcing Services

Hi David,
Hope you are well.
So far we have uploaded a few jobs and seem impressed with the output.
We are currently going through some business restructuring and are looking to outsource all our compliance work starting July 2019.
Before committing to outsourcing all our compliance work, myself and my business partner would like to meet with you face to face to discuss how we could work together.

Luke, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Luke VIC Outsourcing Services

Hi David
I have the last of my accounting team in the Philippines finishing up this month.
As the others left I didn't replace them, and this one the work we sent her was basic.
I’m not sure if they will place my last resource with another Australian firm, but she hasn’t been asked to leave yet so she might be hired by another Australian firm, but she wasn't too great.
I will be evaluating my next step in building the offshore team, and like your model of them already with 24 months experience, so I will be no doubt reaching out to you soon!
And this is what I told my friend when I referred them to you, learn from what I have done.

Shannon, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Shannon VIC Outsourcing Services

Visit by Christine

Lovely to have a visit of Christine Dabit, from Synergy Accounting.

10 June 2019

Christine Dabit Synergy Accounting Outsourcing Services

Michael & Marino Odyssey operations center visit

It was nice to have a visit of Michael and Marino, two partners at Stannards, Melbourne.

22 April 2019

Michael & Marino - Stannards Melbourne, VIC Outsourcing Services

Lyndon Russell visit

Lovely to have a visit of Lyndon Russell, Principal at Next Level Accountants, Victoria.
It was great meeting you, and we hope you enjoyed your stay in Vietnam.

1 April 2019

Lyndon Russell Vic Outsourcing Services

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