Clients Testimonials and Visits

Odyssey Resources clients frequently give Odyssey’s Accounting, Tax, bookkeeping, SMSF outsourcing services and conversion services a Five Star rating. We’ve selected a few comments below!

Hi Odyssey,
Thank you very much for the timely manner that you did this job in, as well as the quick updates, it is very much appreciated  😊

J, Accountant, CA firm, ACT


Hi Helen,
Everything has been amazing dealing with yourself and the Odyssey team. I'm very happy with the process and end result of the two jobs currently completed.

Michael, Principal, Accounting firm, QLD

Michael QLD Outsourcing Services

Hi David
I hope this finds you well. It is a shame but understandable we will not have the Odyssey Motorcycle tour in 2020. Looking forward to next tour of ‘Nam.
I wanted to take a few minutes to express my appreciation to the crew who assisted me with an urgent finalisation as a client was becoming impatient. The delays were at our end not yours.
I have no doubt your team would have had to stressfully rush this matter to complete it and no doubt put personal or other matters aside. I realise this sacrifice and am grateful for their support.
Perhaps you could kindly filter this appreciation to the responsible team members to let them know the faceless ones down under truly appreciate their efforts

P, Principal, Accounting firm, QLD

Peter QLD Outsourcing Services

I am extremely impressed and grateful I used your services and will continue to do so moving forward.
...Thank you again for the work input into this, as mentioned Im very impressed and the level of detail is very much appreciated. I will be sending all my jobs through you in future 😊

Michael, Director, 
Accounting firm, QLD

Outsourcing Services

Hi Helen and David,
Even with elevated expectation about the work you do every year, your recent SMSF performance still exceeds it and some turnover time can be described as "incredible"
Apparently the quality is as good as ever (as I did not hear any complaint from staff)
I congratulate you on this outstanding performance! It can give us more confidence to get more work in and boost the use of your services- we are difficult to keep your pace!

Henry, Partner, 
Accounting firm, Sydney 

Henry NSW

All done
I’m sorry I had no comments to offer
We are very happy and wish to expand the services used in the future

David, Partner, 
Accounting firm, 

David Partner NSW

We are very happy with our association with Team Odyssey!

Richard, Director, 
Accounting firm, 
South Perth, WA

Richard WA Outsourcing Services

Just received your invoice. Paid with pleasure. My thanks to everyone at Odyssey for their fantastic assistance getting everything done by June 30
I am extremely grateful for your great work

Matt, Principal
, IPA firm,
 Back of Beyond, WA

Matt WA Outsourcing Services

Just thought I’d let you know we are very happy with "our full time resources" work, she has a lovely attitude, her communication and workpapers are great.
Her technical ability is strong. At this stage we are considering taking on another Odyssey employee if available.

R, Principal, CA firm, Sydney, NSW

R NSW Outsourcing Services

I used Odyssey for the past year mainly for SMSF compliance, and engaged a Philippines offshore worker who moved on so I am short staffed again. My business is growing and I am trying to work out the best option for me. Can I chat on my best options.

S, Principal, CPA firm,Sunshine Coast, QLD

S QLD Outsourcing Services

Visit by Christine

Lovely to have a visit of Christine Dabit, from Synergy Accounting.

10 June 2019

Christine Dabit Synergy Accounting Outsourcing Services

Michael & Marino Odyssey operations center visit

It was nice to have a visit of Michael and Marino, two partners at Stannards, Melbourne.

22 April 2019

Michael & Marino - Stannards Melbourne, VIC Outsourcing Services

Lyndon Russell visit

Lovely to have a visit of Lyndon Russell, Principal at Next Level Accountants, Victoria.
It was great meeting you, and we hope you enjoyed your stay in Vietnam.

1 April 2019

Lyndon Russell Vic Outsourcing Services

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