Mar 2021

Australian tax compliance Client confidentiality and the TPB’s take

By: Odyssey General
Tags: Cloud computing, confidentiality, data loss, TPB

In 17 November 2020 the TPB released some Question and Answer comments on Cloud computing and confidentiality as a result of questions received during the webinar. There are a couple of very interesting answers that will surprise most accountants. It’s worth also referring to the TPB practice note TPB(PN) 1/2017 on Cloud computing and the Code of Professional Conduct which …


Apr 2019

What Should Be Included in an Outsourcing Agreement - Part 2

What Should Be Included in an Outsourcing Agreement – Part 2 of 2

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: confidentiality, data retention, intellectual property, jurisdiction, privacy, Security

Prior to checking this post out, take a recap on the first part related to what should be included in an outsourcing agreement. This post is to present the remaining items as below. Your obligations and those of the OSP Obligations and rights of the parties to the outsourcing agreement Nature of the information to be provided by you and the …


Mar 2019

Assessing Integrated Technology Platform

How well an OSP and a client work together on an Integrated Technology Platform

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: communication, confidentiality, Security, Technology, Timesheet

Last month we presented the checklist on the quality of the OSP’s technology platform. For this time, it is about the integrity between the OSP and you, the client. Answer these questions below to assess the integrated technology platform. Internal communication How will you communicate with your outsourced staff? Will they report to one person on your team or collaboratively with …