Apr 2021

Corporate social responsibility: perhaps now more important than ever

By: Odyssey General
Tags: community, contributing, corporate social responsibility, ethics, giving, philanthropic, sustainability

For those reading news online in many of the various news applications or social media applications, it’s hard not to feel (at least for older readers) that the world isn’t doing so well. At the same time, it’s more important for business owners to engender a sense of community and a sense of belonging and giving. And yes, while we …


May 2017

The Ethical dilemma of offshore providers supporting non registered tax agents

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: ethics, Overseas outsourcing, tax outsourcing

Had an interesting phone call today. Odyssey was called by an Australian accountant who was wholesaling to other Australian accountants.  The conversation progressed well and they were impressed by our business model, pricing and reputation for quality. They particularly liked our ad hoc approach to receiving jobs. Afterwards as we moved towards preparing a services agreement for them we ran …