Dec 2017

The full Monty. When others do your compliance work..

The full Monty… When others do your compliance work

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: engagement letters, full monty, outsourcing disclosure

So, you are considering outsourcing, and you don’t know your responsibilities. The common recommendation is that the consent is sought in the Engagement letters. So who is interested in what you put in you engagement letters, and what do you really need to put in them anyway… Who is interested in what you put into your engagement letters: TPB: Letters …


May 2013

May 2013 Newsletter

By: Odyssey Newsletter
Tags: new directions in offshoring, outsourcing disclosure, public practice revolution

It’s now mid-May and post budget and post busy season it’s a good time to look to trends affecting the next tax season. Is resistance useless? Outsourcing and offshoring isn’t the dirty secret it used to be. Outsourcing is providing a level playing field enabling smaller firms being able to take on work without worrying about resource issues. We’re seeing the younger practice …