Sep 2022

Australian accounting firms’ new norm: remote working is in

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The June 2022 Hays Salary guide recently released had some auspicious information for Australian accounting firms struggling to find employees to man the computers in the Australian accounting compliance space. The majority of employers (88%) are going to be increasing the salaries of their employees in the next review. And 77% say the skills shortage has forced them to offer …


Jun 2022

Why Australian accounting firm owners need to get out of the office (permanently)

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The successful practice does not need the Australian accounting firm owner to be present in the office, and should not need the owner to be contributing to the bottom line. Allow me to explain by way of the evolution of the accounting firm. In the first quadrant, an accountant gains experience through working for another accounting firm as an employee. …


Apr 2022


Return-To-Office Full Time Is Not Happening Anytime Soon

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Close Contact Isolation Rules Currently, all Australian states and territories require close contacts to isolate for seven days from the last time they were in contact with someone with COVID-19. According to the Department of Health, over the past week, there have been an average of almost 40.5K new cases reported each day with 396.3K active cases. Based on an …


Mar 2022

Record High Gas Prices Impact Return-To-Office Strategies

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Even after work-from-home COVID restrictions have ended, workers refuse to return to the office due to the rising costs of gas. In a recent study conducted by the Finance Sector Union on WFH, 75% of members showed great concern over the commuting expense if they had to return to work. With the Ukraine-Russia conflict, gas prices have becoming so expensive. …


Jan 2022

Accounting Firms Urged to Consider Flexible Working Arrangement to Retain Staff

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According to the Adapting to the New Normal report by Bastion Reputation and Bastion Insights, two in five employees surveyed want, more than anything, flexible working arrangements. Autonomy is currently more important for some than incentives such as higher pay to most Aussie professionals. Big-four consultancy have already paved the way by offering remote working from overseas. The new policy …


Jun 2021

Australian compliance: the flight to quality offshore

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For the past decade Australian accountants have been hearing of digital transformation, automation, data scraping and a dozen other terms that were on one hand labour saving, and on the other hand job threatening. For some, it’s been about as interesting as watching paint dry. Even with Covid-19 forcing the shift to at-home work, the resulting innovation has not resulted …


May 2021

Is WFH all it’s cracked up to be?

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In 2020, Aussie startup Atlassian started allowing employees to work from home permanently, and Atlassian employees will no longer be required to return to the office when an easing of coronavirus restrictions allow them to do so. Fast forward to 2021, and Atlassian has recently announced staff only need to attend the office four times a year.  It’s currently regarded …


Oct 2020


The top 3 focal points for Australian accounting firms in the current COVID environment

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The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact Australian accounting firms at several levels including technology adaptation, staffing issues, customer issues, online training, and scammers adopting to a new scams in a Covid reduced travel world. Working from anywhere has opened up Australian accounting outsourcing to overseas destinations, making this more relevant than ever before! If your firm is using work from …


Oct 2020


The big upheaval: Australian accounting Compliance moves to the country

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Regional housing markets are experiencing growth due to movement from the cities to the regional areas. The impacts of “working from home” arrangements are going to be massive. Not only is commercial and retail space in the CBD’s going to be severely affected, the flow on to supporting services will also be affected. Instead of 20 coffee shops per km …