Aug 2018

Outsourcing partner investing

Outsourcing trends… why your Outsourcing partner needs to continue to invest

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: continuous improvement, procedures, Quality, systems, Training

Popular theory has three main ideas on organisations life-cycle: they are either growing, shrinking or stagnating. In the Accounting compliance world this is probably true, though with compliance sometimes it’s akin to watching paint dry. A bit boring, but it’s bread and butter for thousands of Australian accountants. So what about your Outsourcing partner, should they also be under the …


Mar 2018

Do Offshore BPO workers have the last laugh?

Do Offshore BPO workers have the last laugh?

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Career growth, offshore labour, Salary, Training

We were reading some reviews the other day of some of the Offshore workers comments on various review sites. Sites such as glassdoor.com, indeed.com or jobstreet.com can give some excellent reviews not only of the working conditions in the company, but also whether employees think they are getting a fair deal. The “fair deal” includes not only remuneration, but the …