Oct 2017

Chris, SA Accountant, 13 Oct 2017

By: Odyssey

16th October 2017
Chris, SA Accountant, 13 Oct 2017

Hi David,
Thanks for your time awhile back. I greatly appreciate it and am very happy with the resultant decision to use your services.
As you would be aware I have signed up and sent some bookkeeping work through last quarter. I was very happy with the results. In fact it gave me some of my life back!
Going to the next level I’m also liking the thought of having your people begin to do some of my accounting / tax work also. That will give me more time to get out and obtain more work and better look after my existing clients.
I can see that by using your services more I will free up my time considerably and that’s what I need to get back on top and grow my business.
Again, many thanks for your services thus far. Your Sincerely,

Chris, Accountant, Accounting firm, SA

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