Client Comments

Our Australian firm clients frequently comment on the Odyssey quality


Thank you for completing this so promptly, it is very appreciated.

The report is great and can be sent to the client.

Kind regards,

Hi Team,

Thank you for completing this job.

Your work is on time and precisely what we ask.

Keep up the good work!

Dear Helen

We want to say a big “Cam on” to you and your team for getting this job done on Friday night. It was really important for the client and they are very appreciative.

Thank you, cam on, and have a great holiday period…!


Guys everything was else was great, very pleased and happy with the quality of work and the turnaround.



This is amazing thank you for making it so easy!

Please let me know if you have any queries or we can assist you further


Thank you very much for giving this urgent audit your prompt attention.

It is greatly appreciated


Thank you for completing that, fantastic work! Thank you also for your explanation, it is very appreciated!

Kind regards,

Hi Helen

Thank you for your email.
We would like to explore the option of sending more work across to Odyssey Resource particularly for our tax work for our companies, trusts and individuals. Also, we would like to explore the option of how this can work as we do want to increase the work we do send to OM.
Could you please advise what the next steps will be from here.

Kind Regards

I sincerely apologise I missed your reply.

Thank you very much for this excellent information and your great work


Hi Helen,

Thanks for the email, our dedicated staff from Odyssey have been brilliant, we always like to reward our staff under these circumstances

Merry Xmas and Happy New year to everyone


Hi Helen

Thankyou for your email, we are so glad to partner with Odyssey and your team!

Merry Christmas

Many thanks for all the work! Everything looks great!

Many thanks again.

Hi Team

You guys did a very good job and I'm very impressed.


Hi team

You guys are simply awesome!


Hi Team

Many thanks for doing payroll on Monday.

It was completed very well - very happy we have now got some efficiencies.


Hi Helen

We are delighted with the turnaround and ease of the SMSF work we're sending to the team and I've started to send CTPI jobs.

We are exploring options with our Business Activity Statement processing and am interested in whether you are able to assist and if so details on what you can provide.

Also, I have a number of clients who operate investment companies and trusts that we are setting up in the new BGL360 ledgers. Are the CTPI team able to process investment company and trust jobs in BGL?


Hi Helen,

Good pick up. Really appreciate your team's dedication.


Thanks Helen

We appreciate the work the company does it really is high quality.


Hi Maria

How are you. I've missed your call a couple of times.

We are very happy with the Dieu and Quyen. Their work is exceptional. Quyen has learned very fast. And is taking a lot of initiative. We are so excited with Quyen as addition to our team. Very very happy.

Thank you so much for following up

We hope that Quyen loves to work with us too.

Hi Helen,

I hope you are well. Very happy with everything so far. Even when I was overseas for a week it was easy to keep things ticking away.

Kind Regards


Luan has been working with my business for a little over 6 months now and I would like to provide some positive feedback from this time regarding Luan:

• Great at following instructions on a broad range of jobs.
• Quick at picking up new jobs and processes.
• Takes on board review points well for future jobs.
• Flexible with work arrangements i.e. starting early/finishing early.
• Takes initiative with jobs and raises queries outside scope of instructions.
• Has become increasingly efficient on recurring jobs.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how Luan has progressed working with my business, and how he has become an integral part of being able to services my clients as best as possible.

I look forward to Luan’s continued services with my business and want to also thank you and the Odyssey team for the continued support.

Kind Regards,


Absolutely happy to go with your processes. My first job with you went unbelievable smoothly, it was fantastic!


Hi Helen thank you for the meeting this morning.

I was very impressed in your office set up and the professional and appealing environment Odyssey operates . It’s comforting for us to understand that our clients are being looked after in the best environment.

Thank you again Helen and look forward to hearing from you and to an ongoing complementary outsourcing relationship.

Hi Odyssey team,

Excellent work team! Tough deadline but you made it for me!

Kind regards


We have been receiving some great quality work from your team. Highly appreciated your support to us.

Thank you.

Hi Team,

Just wanted to say that your effort with our SMSF was awesome. I especially liked the new process – it was perfect. I think this was the first one we’ve done with the new process?

Thank you very very much really appreciate it

Hi Helen,

We have been very happy with the services Odyssey has provided us since we first started working with Odyssey back in October 2019.

We are very much looking forward to continuing our relationship with Odyssey!

Hello Odyssey,

Just to say thank you for your excellent work and to your SMSF area.

Well done and God bess!

Hi Odyssey SMSF team,

Let me know once you have the working papers file ready for download. Thanks for your un-ending patience!

Kind regards,

Dear Helen,

I hope you are doing well. I was very impressed with the profit & Loss estimate prepared on the Shawco Building Tax Planning 2023 job. Please send my appreciation to the team involved.

Kind Regards


Thank you for your detailed response, it is very much appreciated! Please let me review and revert back to you in the next few days.

Have a good evening.

Kind Regards,

Hi Helen,

Thank you to you and the team for treating me with such kindness and hospitality during my short stay in Ho Chi Minh city and the office. The photos are very special. Toby and I will hopefully visit together in June 2024.

I much appreciate the training that the team provided me on Class, BGL and MYOB and the portal. It was nice to present some smsf audit material to the audit team and to explain the importance of our role in keeping and maintaining our clients.


Good morning Helen

Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. It will enable me to explain the requirements of the job and the time involved for completion, to the client.
It is clear that your team are using BGL360 in an efficient manner and have full knowledge and understanding of its capabilities.

Thank you again.


As you know in love your teams ad-hoc work.
I’m struggling to find suitable people offshore and get promised the world by these providers for average candidates. The other thing I don’t like is the ‘clip’ these firms take along the way and pay the worker hardly anything leaving me with an unmotivated individual.
What I’d like to do is give Odyssey all my book keeping.
Would this be something you can take on for me?

Hi David,

Quick message mate. I met with Helen the operations manager a couple of months ago to plan tax and SMSF work for March and April 2023. I wanted to give you feedback that the professionalism from Helen was 10 out of 10. The quality of the tax work is fanstastic and we have a good production line going now. As CEO and owner of my business we will be sending the same jobs annually and making the commitment to send work on a monthly basis and building on this. You have a great business and a thank you to your team for providing a great solution to our growing needs.

Cheers, Steve

Hi Helen ,

I’m one of the other Accounting and Tax directors here, given our recent experience with regard to the SMSF work Odyssey is currently doing for us , we would like to explore the options with respect to Odyssey undertaking some work for us in the Accounting and Tax space .

Are we able to schedule in a call where we can discuss the process etc . Please let us know when it is suitable .

Hi Helen,

I’m just in the middle of negotiations on buying a small accounting book, that will come with an employee. Once I have this sorted of the next month or so, I will know what resources I need moving forward which could incorporate Odyssey outsourcing.

I will let you know in due course.


Hi Helen,

I hope you are well. We are happy with the result of the first 4 jobs and going to send more jobs in the next couple of days.

Kind Regards,


I have been approached by a larger firm for a potential buyout of my firm.

Part of the negotiations is that we’d move their existing clients to an outsourced model.

In order to consider this further we’d need to know if ORL has capacity to take this on? No doubt it would be a transition, but as an estimation we’d pilot the model with appx 20 clients and move progress from there.

Your input would be appreciated.

John, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Thank you for your great work on this guys.

Very much appreciated your help.

Very happy client and your processing work allowed me to focus on some additional value-added advisory and analytics work for them.

Nick, Managing Director, Accounting firm, QLD


Client testimonial

Hi Helen,

That is great, thank you.  I will continue in this pattern for subsequent years as I really appreciate what David and you folk do.  I reckon you folk do a top job and I let everybody know as well including other accountants.


William, Principal, CA firm, WA

Hi David,

We have been using Odyssey for some time now and are very happy with the results.

In addition to the current super funds we have you completing, I am looking into an option of fixed resource to help us process BAS, year-end accounting, bookkeeping, etc.

Kind Regards,

B, Director, Accounting firm, QLD

client comments


I note the first completed job by Odyssey for us was a success!!! We were very happy with both the quality and turnaround time of the workpapers provided, and the final tax return and financial statements. We'll be looking forward to sending more jobs to Odyssey in the coming weeks.

Kind Regards,

G, Director, Accounting firm, NSW

G, Director, Accounting firm, NSW

We are getting better at the communication element and handling your Website (our problem not yours) and any queries are quickly sorted by your Operation Manager.

Thanks again and I am still amazed at the timing of your communication.


S, Managing Director, Accounting firm, WA


I would like to give you some feedback about a couple of jobs just finished. I think the turnaround time met our expectation and your workpapers are excellent. The level of details, indexing in PDF, queries and reply section are all well designed.

Kind Regards

N, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Your team has just seriously saved me from an issue with a very large client. I just received the information from Odyssey and have sent it off to a very happy client.  Not only that but the quality of work is absolutely first class.

Please pass on my gratitude to your team. I cannot overstate how important this was and what the service provided means to me.

My thanks and regards,

M, Owner, Accounting firm, WA

Client comments

Thank you,

I have reviewed the files and all is in order, fantastic job!

Kind Regards,

B, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

B, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Thank you

We have really appreciated your services and look forward to continuing dealing with you

Thank you

S, Managing Director, Accounting firm


Thank you for your e-Mail – yes, I have opened the portal and hope to submit our first SMSF fund tomorrow.

I have been very happy with the set up process so far and the regular e-Mails confirming progress have been very impressive.

Ross, Owner, Accounting firm, NSW


Hope all is going well.

We have commenced using your services for a small sample of jobs and are very happy with the results to date.

Justin, CFO, Accounting firm, QLD

Thank you!

I am very happy with the quality of the workpapers and the work.

B, Director, Accounting firm, VIC


Hope this email finds you well.

One thing I want to say is thank you to you and your team for helping us in the past two months. Really impressed!

E, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Hi there,

Thank you, and well done. Client is happy the leave balances are completed. You rock!

Alan, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Wonderful job! I have just finished reviewing this job and I
am very impressed.

Also, thank you for ‘pushing this job through’ so quickly.

Thank you again.

Ben, Director, Accounting firm, QLD

Team Odyssey

Absolutely smashing result on this return.

I’m very very pleased. 😊

Thanks again

Robert, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

I am very happy with the quality of service and prompt replies so far. I will be sure to provide any feedback along the way.

I look forward to growing my business and working more with Odyssey in the near future.

S, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Just to provide some feedback on the (Odyssey fixed resource we have recently engaged for our) compliance work.   We all love her and her work is so thorough and absolutely outstanding.  She's very talented, we are very happy with her.   My review time on the jobs is much less than it was with our local employee.   Her knowledge, accuracy, communication and English are all excellent.

Leah, Director, Accounting firm, NSW

Thanks for the excellent service Odyssey provided which made my professional life much easier.

Nick, Director, Accounting firm, WA

Thank you, it is such a relief for me to have found Odyssey as I have thought about this for years.

It is so comfortable to work with you and your team.

M, Director, Accounting firm, ACT


I just wanted to say I am extremely happy with how things are going. The new systems you have are awesome – the ability to answer queries is brilliant.

Thanks again

Robert, Director, Accounting firm, Melbourne, VIC

This is the first job that Odyssey has completed for my firm.
Thank you for excellent and quality work.
I look forward to working with you in the future.

M, Director, Accounting firm, ACT

Hi Odyssey,

We love your portal and were hoping to still be able to collate data there for jobs. And we also love your workpapers (we still use Excel inhouse).

I was considering integrating with a SAAS provider’s Workpapers eventually. 

L, Director, Accounting firm, NSW

Thank you for this - really impressed as this is my first time receiving a SMSF. Overall extremely happy 10/10


L, Principal, Accounting firm, QLD

That's great, thank you. 

The quality of the work is great, so thank you for your service so far.

Kind Regards,

D, Principal, Accounting firm, NSW

Always a pleasure dealing with you

One day , once travel restrictions are lifted , I plan to visit your team

Many Thanks

T, Associate, CA firm, ACT

I am very pleased with the initial work and the feedback. The whole process has been very smooth and the turnaround time has been very quick.

Overall, I look forward to increasing the amount of work we give to Odyssey and thank you for making the initial on-boarding easy.

Andrew, CA firm, NSW

Andrew NSW

Thanks so much for completion on this job. Your work is great & the time frame of return is outstanding.

Appreciate it.

D, Principal, Accounting firm, Lavington

D Lavington

I think this process of having Odyssey review files will be very beneficial for our business and help us streamline the process.

The team is on holidays over the Easter break but when they return I will go over these with them and we will work to have things more efficiently set up for the reviews. Thanks again for all yours and the teams help.

T, Owner, Accounting firm, QLD


Thank you so much. This is spectacular, professional service at amazing value for money – I only regret not using your service earlier.

Mark, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

David VIC

I'm glad I've finally made the decision to get on board and start using your company.

I look forward to many happy (tax) returns!

I also appreciate the assistance and communication so far; it has been excellent.

David, Principal, CA firm, NSW

David NSW


Amazing, thank you so much for getting it completed so quickly for us.

Very happy with the progress in this job, please pass that on to the accountant!

Jacklyn, Accountant, CA firm, ACT

Jacklyn ACT

Thank you – that is absolutely amazing! 
All I can say is thank you so much & more work is coming your way!

Director of Accounting firm


Hi Team
Many thanks for your assistance this year. We have essentially billed more in 6 months of FY2021 than we did in the whole of FY2020 and your contribution to this has been very important.
All the best and hopefully once COVID is over I can jump on a plane and come meet the team.

Brad, Owner, Accounting firm, WA

I'm happy with the finalised job. Very happy as well with the presentation of the documents and the speed at this was turned around.

Daniel, Client Manager, Accounting firm, NSW

Daniel NSW

Please pass on my thanks to the accountant who prepared this fund – the workpapers were excellent and very easy to review.

Jenny, SMSF Manager, Accounting firm, VIC



Hi Odyssey,
Thank you very much for the timely manner that you did this job in, as well as the quick updates, it is very much appreciated  😊

J, Accountant, CA firm, ACT


Hi Helen,
Everything has been amazing dealing with yourself and the Odyssey team. I'm very happy with the process and end result of the two jobs currently completed.

Michael, Principal, Accounting firm, QLD

Michael QLD


Hi David
I hope this finds you well. It is a shame but understandable we will not have the Odyssey Motorcycle tour in 2020. Looking forward to next tour of ‘Nam.
I wanted to take a few minutes to express my appreciation to the crew who assisted me with an urgent finalisation as a client was becoming impatient. The delays were at our end not yours.
I have no doubt your team would have had to stressfully rush this matter to complete it and no doubt put personal or other matters aside. I realise this sacrifice and am grateful for their support.
Perhaps you could kindly filter this appreciation to the responsible team members to let them know the faceless ones down under truly appreciate their efforts

P, Principal, Accounting firm, QLD

Peter QLD


I am extremely impressed and grateful I used your services and will continue to do so moving forward.
...Thank you again for the work input into this, as mentioned Im very impressed and the level of detail is very much appreciated. I will be sending all my jobs through you in future 😊

Michael, Director, 
Accounting firm, QLD

Accounting firm, 

Hi Helen and David,
Even with elevated expectation about the work you do every year, your recent SMSF performance still exceeds it and some turnover time can be described as "incredible"
Apparently the quality is as good as ever (as I did not hear any complaint from staff)
I congratulate you on this outstanding performance! It can give us more confidence to get more work in and boost the use of your services- we are difficult to keep your pace!

Henry, Partner, 
Accounting firm, Sydney 



All done
I’m sorry I had no comments to offer
We are very happy and wish to expand the services used in the future

David, Partner, 
Accounting firm, 

David Partner


We are very happy with our association with Team Odyssey!

Richard, Director, 
Accounting firm, 
South Perth, WA

Richard WA

Just received your invoice. Paid with pleasure. My thanks to everyone at Odyssey for their fantastic assistance getting everything done by June 30
I am extremely grateful for your great work

Matt, Principal
, IPA firm,
 Back of Beyond, WA

Matt WA


Just thought I’d let you know we are very happy with "our full time resources" work, she has a lovely attitude, her communication and workpapers are great.
Her technical ability is strong. At this stage we are considering taking on another Odyssey employee if available.

R, Principal, CA firm, Sydney, NSW


I used Odyssey for the past year mainly for SMSF compliance, and engaged a Philippines offshore worker who moved on so I am short staffed again. My business is growing and I am trying to work out the best option for me. Can I chat on my best options.

S, Principal, CPA firm,Sunshine Coast, QLD


We are very happy with Jason’s work efficiency and quality.
There is really nothing to “whinge” about.  😊

Richard, Principal
Chartered Accounting firm, Sydney, NSW

Richard NSW

Please pass on my thanks to all concerned for the prompt turnaround, very much appreciated.

Simon, Partner, Accounting firm, Perth WA


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your invaluable assistance and the quality of your work. I know we can always rely on you for work and accuracy

Sylvia, Principal, Accounting firm, NSW

Sylvia NSW

Brendan 0902020

We appreciate your prompt and professional handling of our urgent jobs. Great support! Our client is happy now.
Thank you so much.

Brendan, Accounting owner, Brisbane CA firm, Xero Gold partner


Still hearing great reviews of you guys!

Sue, Director, Accounting firm, VIC


The quality of SMSF accounts prep is excellent!

Elizabeth,Director,CA firm, Canberra


We've ceased all Philippines operations as we kept training them up only for them to take more money from somebody else... hundreds of hours of time up in smoke.
Bit disillusioned with the overall Philippines outsourcing picture.
Always liked Odyssey’s job by job process as less risk of key person leaving.

Sean, CPA Partner, Accounting firm, QLD

Sean QLD

Dear Helen
I trust all is well!
I have to say I am very impressed with the work done by your team for our firm over the last year or so.
It has certainly built up our confidence and trust in the quality of work that you and your team are able to deliver.

Richard, Director, Accounting firm, NSW

Richard NSW

Good morning,
Your staff did an excellent job picking up those issues, I am very impressed with their excellent attention to detail.
Please finalise and send to me for review.

Benny, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Benny VIC

Hi Team,
I just wanted to say a huge thanks for turning around the 2017 SMSF job around so quickly.  Very much appreciated.
Can you please commence the 2018 SMSF job now.

Donna, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Donna WA

Hi David
I referred a colleague who recently started using your SMSF services.
I spoke to him on the weekend and he was really really happy with the work you were doing.
Just thought I’d pass that on. Thanks

Brad, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Brad WA

Thank you for your great work.
You have done everything I expected.
Please forward us an invoice for your time.

Natalie, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Natalie NSW

Thanks team,
A great job, and you've done really well and as expected and as per your usual high standards.

Markus, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Markus VIC

Hi David,
We sent some of our manual BAS’s to you guys last quarter and we were very impressed with the quality of the work you did.
As a result I would like to get you to do all of our BAS’s going forward!

Steve, Principal of an Accounting firm, QLD

Steve QLD

Hi David,
Hope you are well.
So far we have uploaded a few jobs and seem impressed with the output.
We are currently going through some business restructuring and are looking to outsource all our compliance work starting July 2019.
Before committing to outsourcing all our compliance work, myself and my business partner would like to meet with you face to face to discuss how we could work together.

Luke, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Luke VIC

Hi David
I have the last of my accounting team in the Philippines finishing up this month.
As the others left I didn't replace them, and this one the work we sent her was basic.
I’m not sure if they will place my last resource with another Australian firm, but she hasn’t been asked to leave yet so she might be hired by another Australian firm, but she wasn't too great.
I will be evaluating my next step in building the offshore team, and like your model of them already with 24 months experience, so I will be no doubt reaching out to you soon!
And this is what I told my friend when I referred them to you, learn from what I have done.

Shannon, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Shannon VIC

Hi team,
Thank you for completing this job so promptly after the query response was provided, it is very much appreciated!
Have a lovely weekend. Kind Regards,

Benny, Director, Accounting firm, VIC

Benny VIC

Hi David,
Your team has done an excellent job on the first SMSF. The Superfund was a test file to see how work is done and your team nailed it.
I was meant to write you a note about the good work of your team as it’s impressive. The work is done thoroughly, queries are raised, questions asked and there’s nothing to complain about.
On the contrary I can only praise your team. When they pick up a small $2 issue in the superfund it shows work is done properly and there are no shortcuts.
The Odyssey job management system is great so everything works extremely well and I’ve nothing to complain about.

M, Accounting firm owner, VIC


Thanks Helen
You and the team have been a fantastic help to us this year again.

R, Director, Accounting firm, QLD

R, Director of an accounting firm QTD

David, I want to thank you for the terrific turnarounds and quality of work this year.  We will continue to increase our support as I am getting more frustrated with our poor quality hires.
Have a good Christmas!

S, Owner, Accounting firm, Melbourne

S,  Accounting business owner

Thank you very much to the Team at Odyssey Resources for the speedy turnaround and quality work!
It is much appreciated.

Andrew, Partner, CPA firm, NT

Andrew NT

Hi David
Your files are good to audit – so a bit of self-interest involved!
I hear that things are going well for you. Cheers!

Arthur, SMSF Auditor from Sydney

Arthur Sydney

Hi David,
You have a great team in Vietnam, I have seen some of their work.
I would love to have a chat with you sometime.

D, SMSF auditor, VIC


Sensational work!
Thank you very much for a job well done

Matt, SMSF Auditor, WA

Matt WA

Odyssey are doing a great job for me David.
Thanks to the team and keep up the good work..!!

Brad, Principal, Accounting firm, Perth


Hi David
Really impressed in the turnaround of the work I’ve been uploading across to Odyssey.
Your team are asking excellent questions.
Much better than the other outsourcing companies I’ve used before – no comparison.
We also have a bookkeeping firm so, I will be looking to offload some data processing for that also soon.
Outsourcing is allowing me to improve business process and work directly with the client as opposed to punching out returns.

Brad, Principal, Accounting firm, WA

Brad WA

Dear David and Yen,
It was delightful spending time with you over the past few days.
Your warmth and hospitality is a true demonstration of the wonderful people that you are and it is always enjoyable and educational being in your company.
Kind Regards,

Ben, Practice owner, Melbourne

Ben Melbourne

Hi Odyssey,
I am very impressed and will continue to use your services and send more work through shortly!!

Michael, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Michael VIC

Thanks, team!
Great job and I like the way you’ve done it in the WP great job!

Markus, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Markus VIC

I find you ultra fast. Money is not an issue. I find when things don’t go as expected it’s quickly fixed at your end or our end. I’m not perfect - I love our ody team. I’m hoping to come up and visit in the near future
My experience with you is superlative. Maybe I’m not a cheapskate like most accountants. In fact I don’t want to be like most accountants - I’m 46, have all my hair, my clients love me and I ride dirt bikes!!!

Robert, Director, Accounting firm, Melbourne.

Robert Melbourne

I was just wondering when I would be receiving an invoice from you?  I would like to settle my account.  My business partner is super impressed with the quality of your work so you have got a long term client here!

Dianne, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Dianne NSW

Dear team,
Thank you for the excellent work. I think it looks all good.
Could you please send me the financial report so I can forward to the client for signing?
Many thanks.

Vania, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Vania NSW

Thanks, team and I’ve gone through the report and well-done guys !!!
Besides a few minor adjustments, everything is done to perfection and I’m confident it should be ok for the auditor.
I’m really impressed with the quality of the WP’s great job !!

Mark, Principal of Accounting firm, Victoria

Mark VIC

Thank you so much for the super fast queries.
I have attended to them. Cheer!

Amy, Partner, Accounting firm, QLD


Hi Odyssey Team,
Thank you very much,
You have saved our face. Well done!

Ryan, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Ryan VIC

Hi David,
Would like to say we have sent a few files so far to odyssey and have been very impressed with the level of work and workpapers that have come back.
Thank you! Great service! Kindest regards.

Desiree, Director, Accounting firm, WA

Desiree WA

Hello dear Helen
Happy New Year to you and everyone at Odyssey.
I was so desperate by the end of last year and by miracle a lovely lady applied to work with us on the last day of the advertisement. I was about to give up. So far things are working out well. Combined with your ongoing assistance with bookkeeping for our Xero clients. We are in a happy place finally!
In saying that I expect a very busy year ahead. And the need for a permanent resource may arise again in the near future.
Your preparation and explanations to meet out needs are amazing. Thank you so kindly. I will file this so I know what to do as soon as the requirement is there again.
Many thanks Odyssey. We love working with you.

Leah, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Leah NSW

Hi David,
Happy New Year, trust you are well.
We have been considering bringing bookkeeping back in-house because external bookkeepers are causing us bottlenecks at the moment and I'm not over the moon about the quality and lack of proactive direction they provide (i.e. I despise cleaning up their mess).
We believe bookkeeping may be a strategic vertical integration, and from a scaling perspective we'd consider engaging Odyssey to administer back end processing of bookkeeping which I'm sure runs similar to how we currently work with your tax teams. Please let me know how best to scale up the work.
Happy to hear your thoughts. Kind Regards,

Brad, Partner, Accounting firm, QLD

Brad QLD

Hi Odyssey,
You assist us with the SMSF financial statements and tax returns and provide high quality work.
We would like to outsource some of our company tax returns now. We will start with a SME group with three small companies and two trusts.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Kind Regards,

Susan, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Susan NSW

Hi David
Thankyou for your service over the last 12 months. We are very pleased with the efforts of Odyssey and are confident that we will increase the need for your services into 2018.
On behalf of all the Partners and staff here, may we extend our best wishes for Xmas and the New Year to you, your family and all of the staff at Odyssey.
Thanks again.

Mark, Partner, Accounting firm, QLD

Mark QLD

Hi David
I hope you are well. Thanks for sharing the Christmas update.
Your tremendous efforts of 10 years has created employment for so many people in Asia. Also in Australia, it has given accountants the opportunity to grow and have a better lifestyle. Their teams have been able to focus on more value-added work. At the same time it has benefited clients with better advice rather than compliance.
Thank you to you and your team for helping us this past year.
We plan to send even more work to Odyssey or consider a full time resource.
Kind regards,

Sandeep, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Sandeep NSW

Hi David,
Thank you very much for your time in HCMC. It was really greatly appreciated. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and the tour of your offices. It was filled me with confidence. I arrived back in Adelaide even more confident of my direction and encouraged to look towards growing my practice again knowing that I had more than enough support when needed.
As far as my time in HCMC. Frankly – I love the place. The people are also so friendly there. It’s got to be my favourite city in Asia. I’m really looking forward to visit again – but longer next time. I look forward to see you again next time I’m there. In the meantime I will get the arrangements between here and there sorted so that I can get away and not get buried when I get back!
Once again, thank you so much for your time and hospitality while I was there. I look forward to a mutually beneficial business arrangement into the future.
Have a great weekend.

Chris, Partner, Accounting firm, SA

Chris SA

Many thank ORL Team for completing this as a matter of urgency.
I have rarely (twice I think) asked for urgency and you have responded and supported me every time.
With gratitude.

Pete,Partner, Accounting firm, QLD

Pete QLD

Hello Odyssey,
We are moving along nicely with our current Odyssey bookkeeper and I only have positive feedback about her work.
Can you please confirm when can we have another resource(s) available to join our team?

Valentyna, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Valentyna NSW

I want to transfer 10 more clients to your ASAP this week. When can I speak with someone about processing this?
I am very happy to date.
Yours in Success,

Matthew, NSW, 6 Nov 2017

Matthew NSW

Hi David, trust all is well with you.
I have known Trevor for a couple of years and he is working with accountants around SMSF services and support.
I have mentioned to him yesterday to have a chat around Odyssey’s services for SMSF’s, and that you have been running a very successful SMSF compliance and admin service, amongst other things, from Vietnam.

Craig, Partner, Accounting firm, QLD

Craig QLD

Hi Operations,
We are looking at our resources for this year and would like to look at adding another permanent bookkeeper to support our current 2 full time resources.
I wondered if you could let me know availability at your end, if the person has a similar work ethic to our current resources we would be more than happy.
Thank you

Colin, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Colin NSW

Hi David,
I was talking with Geoff last week. They lost their key superannuation person.
I told him that Odyssey would be a good solution for their SMSF accounting and that my dealings with Odyssey have been great. Regards

David, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

David NSW

I am finishing the distribution issues now. I have gone through all three entities and am absolutely delighted and impressed with the standard of work.
Please give my compliments and appreciation to your team for their fantastic work.
Greatly appreciated. Regards,

Matt, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Matt WA

Hi David,
Thanks for your time awhile back. I greatly appreciate it and am very happy with the resultant decision to use your services.
As you would be aware I have signed up and sent some bookkeeping work through last quarter. I was very happy with the results. In fact it gave me some of my life back!
Going to the next level I’m also liking the thought of having your people begin to do some of my accounting / tax work also. That will give me more time to get out and obtain more work and better look after my existing clients.
I can see that by using your services more I will free up my time considerably and that’s what I need to get back on top and grow my business.
Again, many thanks for your services thus far. Your Sincerely,

Chris, Accountant, Accounting firm, SA

Chris SA

When we thanked a client for their ongoing business, their response was:
Thanks for the business????
Oh wow thank you!!!
Having Odyssey has been a God Send for me and my business.
Thanks for taking the time to set this up.

Pete, Accountant, Accounting firm, QLD

Pete QLD

Special thank you to David and Helen and their well expanded team of accounting and tax professionals at Odyssey Resources Limited.
Your services are incredible. You have been there for us and supported our firm through times of overload and absence.
The accuracy, the detail, the turnaround, the communication - it's perfection. Our clients and our team couldn't be happier.
David your achievements in Vietnam and abroad are extraordinary, and your commitment back to the Vietnamese community is pure inspiration. We love your country.
We look forward to future business ahead.

Leah, Accountant, Accounting firm, NSW

Leah NSW

Ohh wow! That has really made my day!! I really appreciate that! I thought I had forgone those monies and felt I had mucked you guys around by not being able to continue with the fixed resource.
Cashflow has been very tight, and still trying to run the clients with the help of the Odyssey team!
David - you have a great team and offer a fantastic service - thank you! Warm regards,

Julie, Bookkeeper, Accounting firm, QLD

Julie QLD

Dear ORL team
Many thanks for your urgent response and assistance.
Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated. Regards,

Pete, Accountant, Accounting firm, QLD

Peter QLD

Hi David
Thank you!
Will be definitely reaching out to Odyssey for help again this year.

Leah, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Leah NSW

Thank you David and the Team at Odyssey Resources,
Your services have enabled me to reduce my staffing costs while still maintaining quality of bookkeeping work.
I will soon be increasing the number of clients that we outsource to you.
Happy EOFY x

Karen, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Karen NSW

Thanks David,
To be honest while I could tell things had gotten super busy for you, your skilled staff and my interactions has ALWAYS been done in a very very calm manner. I believe the calmness of your business (while no doubt under enormous ‘good’ pressure) is a testament to you and your work methods.
Between you me and the fencepost I don’t think compliance is going to drop one iota. Why? It would require one piece of software to do EVERYTHING. Would you trust a computer to give you possibly ‘fake financial reports’? No one will as it involves MONEY. People want trust and confirmation things are done RIGHT. That software doesn’t exist now and will never exist.
The price may drop a little but the standard of service from many businesses these days is so poor that great service business will just keep on going.
Keep up the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious service from you and your excellent team.

Robert, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Robert VIC

Dear David,
Thanks for the annual update,
Great to see you are still powering on – such a change from our first meeting in Sydney all those years ago. (now over a decade)
Your success is a credit to your vision, planning, expertise and commitment.
My hearty congratulations.

Michael, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Michael NSW

Hi David and Yen,
Thanks for the recent annual update.
I am very happy with the Odyssey offering and have no interest in an alternative as the offering suits me very well.
I have cc'd in John and a good supporter of mine Greg into this response even if you have emailed John, and at least I wanted Greg to hear things from the horses mouth ( so to speak ).
I look forward to getting back to HCM city (Saigon) to do the motorbike tour with your group in the near future.

Richard, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Richard WA

Hi David,
Just some feedback from my Partner in business (an old school hardworking now moving to retiring not the easiest lady to impress).
You made it easy the questions that came back were of calibre and clearly indicated that you had certainly looked at this in depth and knew what you were looking for.
All of this for an amazing price. Be proud David, your organisation rocks!

Mark, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Mark VIC

Hi Odyssey,
We are very happy with the quality of your work, and the ease that we can move information between our two firms, especially the detail of your queries.
We are looking forward to working in a bigger capacity with Odyssey in the future.

Frances, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Frances NSW

Hi David,
We all enjoyed the meal last night.
Your Vietnamese offices are impressive and your team is very professional.
I look forward to working with you in the future. Regards,

Craig, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Craig NSW

Hi David
I just wanted to say thankyou for providing such a great service to our business – your team are impeccably mannered, ultra consistent and honest.
I really enjoy the business relationship we have come to enjoy with you and your business and I look forward to many years of growth.
Thanks again for staying awesome. Cheers

Rob,Partner, Accounting firm, VIC


Hi, I was really very impressed with the service and would definitely use your services again.
Many thanks 🙂

Lisa, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Lisa WA

Hi David,
Happy new year!
Thanks for contacting me and happy to keep referring clients over to you. I have done a few SMSF audits from several firms using Odyssey’s outsourcing services.
It’s very good work so I continue to highly recommend your services to my clients who are interested in outsourcing. I believe outsourcing will continue as a future trend of accounting! Regards,

Roddy, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Roddy NSW

Fantastic news on the Growth of your business David – Congratulations and Well done!
Odyssey has definitely been a lifesaver for our business.
Thank you and your team so very very much.
Wishing you all the best for the Festive season and look forward to continued growth on all accounts for the New Year.

Sinead, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Sinead NSW

Thank you for that David, and thank you to your team for your assistance throughout the year.
It has been a tough year, but it has been helped by the work done by your team for our practice.
Best wishes from us for the Festive Season.

Richard, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Richard WA

Hi David,
I wanted to provide some feedback on our experience working with Odyssey.
Firstly, myself and the team would like to express that we don't know what we would have done without you this year. Especially given our practice conversion from MYOB to XERO back in February, and subsequent client conversions.
Not only the conversions, but Odyssey's assistance with our backlog has been a tremendous help to us. Your staff are polite and well trained and their working papers are brilliant. We couldn't ask for more from our outsource provider. So thank you to everyone at Odyssey for your help and hard work.

Leah, NSW, 14 Dec 2016

Hi David,
Thanks for the email.
Service is much improved, the new tech great and the Accountants I have referred are very pleased with the service also.
Kind Regards

Kim,Partner, Accounting firm, NSW


Dear David
Thank you for your good wishes and kind words.
We look forward to doing more business with you in 2017, and want to wish you and your team all the best.

Morri, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Morri NSW

Hi David,
Your boys and girls are turning the work around in a reasonable time which is good.
That was my main concern in the past so it is good to see!

Kim, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW


Good afternoon,
Thanks for the confirmation on the Superfund.
I'd also like to add that I really love Odyssey's Management System dashboard, it works so well!!!
Kind regards,

Helen, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC


Hi David,
While I have this moment, I express to you the sincere satisfaction and appreciation we have for your team at Odyssey.
There is no drama. There are no errors.
Our conversions are entirely stress free. The Odyssey service puts our business in a place it has never been before.
What an incredible experience. Hands up to you David Carter. You are an absolute legend.
Anything we can do for you locally please speak up because we are on your side!

Leah, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Leah NSW

Hi David,
I would certainly refer you guys on too!
If only I had taken this leap sooner - like the couple of years ago when I first spoke to you.  I certainly do things the hard way - I have spent 9 months trying to train a Philippines staff member after doing a business tour over there... has gone ok but certainly not as easy as sending work to you guys. Losing my Australian senior bookkeeper and key staff member in June was the kick up the bum I needed!
And the idea of a visit to your office to meet the team and also some much needed R & R on the lovely beaches of Vietnam is already formulating.

Julie, Partner, Accounting firm,, QLD

Julie QLD

Hi David,
I had a look at your OMS on your website portal and it is fantastic!
Extremely easy to use and a wonderfully helpful resource, great addition!
Kind regards,

Benny,Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Benny VIC

Just a short note to advise that I am very pleased to date with the support your organization has been providing in relation to our books.
It is my hope to step up the business this year and we plan to hand over in a progressive fashion to your group as much as possible.
In order to get the accounts in shape your staff has been very attentive to our needs and proactive in his performance which I have found to be most helpful.
With our accounts now being whipped into shape I can now turn more of my attention to growing the business.

John, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

John VIC

We very much appreciate your efforts yesterday in completing this for us.
We are very much under pressure here, and your help in the last few months has been so fantastic.
Please be sure to pass on our thanks to the whole team.

Vanessa, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Vanessa WA

I am really pleased with the recent work completed by your team.
I just wanted to share with you that I am currently putting together proposals for 3 clients with a view to using Odyssey for the on-going monthly bookkeeping.

Danny, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Danny VIC

In the 22 years I've been in business this is the first year I've got all my work in on time. Having Odyssey help with our compliance workload has been life changing!
I'm finally able to implement my business vision and Odyssey have given me the tools to do that.
We're looking forward to an absolute cracker of a year! Our marketing team have been unleashed and are in full spin.

Anna and Peter, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Anna & Peter NSW

Hi David,
I am very happy with the service so far.
I was very overloaded with tasks, and having your team was a great load off my desk!

Gabi, Partner, Accounting firm, QLD

Gabi QLD

Hi David
Thanks for completing the first job we sent over.
In line with I guess good business practice, if I am going to outsource more work I need to be satisfied of the operation As such I’m looking to visit your office in Ho Chi Minh to have a look at your operation, meet you and explore how outsourcing can work for my practice.
Look forward to meeting you.

Craig, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Craig VIC

Hi David,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say how good the work is that I have received. The work papers are exceptional and the responses so far have been extremely quick.
I have shown a few colleagues the work and I am sure they will be in touch shortly.
Thanks again.

Peter, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Peter NSW

Hello team,
Thank you so much for all your assistance.
Your services are wonderful and I appreciate how professional you all are.
Kind regards,

Teresa, Partner, Accounting firm, QLD

Teresa QLD

Hi David,
In the past, we have used your services when we felt that we could not provide a 6 weeks turnaround to our clients.  We are currently reviewing our workflow and staffing levels for 2016, and will be in contact with you as needed.
Watching Odyssey grow over the years to the size that it is today, reflects on your endeavours and insight, and we are pleased that we have been able to have played some small part in your success. Regards,

Pauline, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Pauline WA

Hi Helen
I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the work completed on our first job working together.
And so is the client! Regards,

Danny, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Danny VIC

Hi Odyssey Team,
Many thanks.
I am impressed with the speed of this service.

Gabi, Partner, Accounting firm, QLD

Gabi QLD

Hi Odyssey Team
You did well and thanks.
Sorry to be so demanding with such a short time frame but as always ODYSSEY was PERFECT!

Wayne, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Wayne NSW

Hi David,
Thank you so much for today! You and Yen are incredibly hospitable and we really appreciated both your time and honesty today.
It was also great to see what a fantastic business you and Yen have built. I know you are very proud of that and so you should be. It's seldom that I see such a good set up.
Best regards,

Alan, Partner, Accounting firm, Vic


Good morning David
It is great to hear from you (and hear you have plenty of capacity in your SMSF Division!)
We have 5 to 7 superfunds that we would like to send to you on Sunday (we are working weekends to meet our deadlines!!).

Brendan, Partner, Accounting firm, VIC

Brendan VIC

Hi Odyssey team,
Thanks, this is great work!
I am really happy with the quality and the workpaper construction.

Phil, Partner, Accounting firm, QLD

Phillip QLD

Hi David,
I am very pleased with the quality of work Odyssey Resources provides.
I am wanting to ensure that you are comfortable with the additional work we'll be sending through.

John, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Hi David
I have started making much more use of Odyssey of late.
What took me so long!
Must say I am very pleased with both quality and turn-around.
Please pass on my compliments to your team. Cheers!

Lawrence, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Lawrence NSW

Hi David,
We are currently in the process of uploading jobs to send over.
Thank you and I will advise that the service you provide is rated highly.

Teresa, Partner, Accounting firm, QLD

Teresa QLD

Hi David,
I used Odyssey recently and the work was fantastic. The work was excellent, comprehensive references back to source documents. Odyssey “Exceeded Expectations” in all categories.
I am in the process of organising more jobs to come across, just waiting on clients to get me the data.
I am also encouraging clients to stop doing their own book keeping and outsource.
Thanks again.

Peter, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Peter NSW

Hi David,
The best thing that came out of Vietnam and our visit was Odyssey. Your systems and staff are top class. I admire what you have achieved there.
It is still quiet here but post Easter we get very busy. It's been a great chance to get to know your systems before tax season.
It is early days of course but already I can see a transformation in our business due purely to having more time to spend on development. Which is wonderful !
Thank you David for everything you are doing and have done for us.

Leah, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Leah NSW

Hi David Thank you for your teams most professional support that I have received over the last couple of years.
You have a rare and great organisation.

Mark, Partner, Accounting firm, Vic

Mark Vic

Thanks David, We would not have been able to get to this point without Odyssey being in our corner that’s for sure.
Look forward to continued success with yourselves.

Sinead, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW


Hi David,
May I take this opportunity to wish you and all the Odyssey team all the best for the Festive Season.
Many Thanks for helping us out this year with some great quality work.

Rob, Partner, Accounting firm, WA

Rob WA

Hi David
I just wanted to touch base with you to express how happy I am with Tram. What a great (full-time) resource!
I am looking forward to passing more and more work onto her and partnering with Odyssey to grow my business.

Jo, Partner, Accounting firm, Vic

Jo Vic

David you run an extremely professional and yet friendly organisation. We will be partnering you to grow our accounting business next year and we are looking forward to the same.
Congratulations on your success without any doubt you have earned it 🙂

Mark, Partner, Accounting firm, Vic

Mark Vic

David I will say that I could not have got my business to where it is today without your support in the first 2 -3 years and I am always appreciative of that.
Your willingness to be flexible and deliver a service to a small practice such as mine was greatly appreciated.

Rob, Partner, Accounting firm, Vic

We are still more than happy with your service and will continue to use for our accounting, taxation and bookkeeping requirements for our clients.

Andrew, Partner, Accounting firm, NT

Andrew NT

Firstly let me say, congratulations on your operation. It is truly remarkable, well done!
Many thanks for allowing me to use your facilities for the week and spending quality time in training the team... it was worthwhile and we can already see the benefits flowing through and the team is a lot more confident in doing the work...
Thanks again

Peter, Partner, Accounting firm, NSW

Peter NSW

We completed our first job with Odyssey and were impressed with the outcome. Fantastic David. Thanks again.

Paul, Accounting firm, Victoria

Paul Victoria

We have been sending a lot of work to Odyssey and things are moving along nicely.

Ben, Accounting firm, Victoria

Ben Victoria

Odyssey have been great to me so happy to pass on the praises.

Natalie, Victoria

Natalie Victoria

Thanks for your time regarding the full time resource, we would like to go ahead, so let us know what the next steps are so we can get cracking.

Colin, NSW

Colin NSW

I've explained to her how I resource my business using Odyssey and she was interested in saying "hi" and getting some more information. David is the founder of Odyssey and a wealth of advice if you have the chance to chat.

Cate, NSW

Cate NSW

We are having a good experience with our accountants, especially L who is an excellent asset. (Alistair has 3 full time staff)

Alistair, NSW

Alistair NSW

Yes, very long time between emails – all good here, looks like everything is going very well in Vietnam. The whitepaper was an excellent read, thank you.

Paul, NSW

Paul NSW

I am impressed by your professional and service ethics and was wondering if you have any resources for the following additional work, or if you don't could you refer me to a like organisation that you know to share your standards and ethics?

Mark, Vic, 24 May 2015

Mark Vic

Hi David, I'd like to introduce you to a colleague who is interested in exploring the Odyssey Resource. I've shared my Experiences with her, and have explained that Odyssey holds registrations with the TPB and CPA. I can't tell you how well the team are working, they are fantastic, and I'm really happy to be able to refer my professional contacts with your team.

Cate, NSW

Cate NSW

I smsf audit other firms work. I am always happier auditing BGL funds prepared by Odyssey (you can quote me on that)

Lawrence, NSW

Lawrence NSW

Great Odyssey newsletter by the way with the future of the accounting profession I liked it

Tony, NSW

Tony NSW

I am not recruiting ever again and will look to outsource permanently. Quite frankly it is too hard and too expensive to not outsource. I am very looking forward to feeding work to the 220 strong work force of Odyssey.

Peter, QLD

Peter QLD

Happy 'Vietnamese' New Year to you and the team. Your hard working efficient team deserves a nice little break !

Cate, NSW

Cate NSW

Thank you for your help David. The Quality of work provided is always at a high standard.

Richard, NSW

Richard NSW

Dear Odyssey Team, Just wanted to say thank your very much for such a professional and informative service. With services like this I am always waiting for something to go wrong, I have found in the past that most companies I deal with just aren't as thorough or professional as we try to be here and we usually end up feeling let down. However, this is one of those times when I have been pleasantly surprised. The service you provided went exactly as I would have hoped for, I really appreciate this and will be recommending you to others.

Luke, UK

Luke UK

I recently started using Odyssey for some day to day bookkeeping and I'm extremely happy with the service and work being completed. Thank you for building such a great team.

Natalie, Vic

Natalie Vic

I have been establishing a number of new funds and will send to you for completion.

John, WA

John WA

Very happy with the first job, and more to follow. In fact, I think it can be very positive in the future.

Richard, WA

Richard WA

I can highly recommend Odyssey. I have personally visited them and am highly impressed with the setup and quality of their work.

Selwyn, Vic

Selwyn Vic

My experience so far with Odyssey has been exceptional.

Tim, NSW


A number of colleagues use another outsourcer. I'm so happy with your SMSF work and will promote your services to my colleagues.

Nicola, Qld

Nicola Qld

Like to send personal thanks to your staff for completing the SMSF promptly. Excellent Service! Very much appreciated.

Bill, WA

Bill WA


Thank you very much... Awesome service provided once again!!!.. (We fast-tracked a SMSF to return in one day)..

Michael, NSW, 5 December 2014

Michael NSW

Quality of work is exceptional - no problems with having our staff take it on board.

Tim, SA

Tim SA

One of my clients was so impressed with your work papers!..

Michelle, business coach, QLD

Michelle (a business coach) QLD

As you are aware that we have been using your services for the last 3 years. We have been very impressed with the service.

Smita, WA

Smita, WA

The work paper index records were excellent.

Craig, NSW

Craig NSW

Odyssey produces the best set of working papers I have ever seen from any accountants - and you can quote me on that...

Carmelina, SA

Carmelina SA


I've been very impressed with Odyssey so far, and am looking forward to outsourcing more work to you guys soon.

David, NSW, 16 September 2014

David NSW

I have copied in a close friend and old colleague. X recently started with an accounting firm (that also has a financial services practice within) that had an arrangement with another accounting firm to effectively do their accounting work. This arrangement is to cease in two weeks and they will need to find another solution quickly. I have suggested that they outsource their accounting business services work to you (and they might consider SMSF as well). I have told X about my fantastic experience using Odyssey and hope that you will be able to work together.

Ben, Vic

Ben, Vic

Hi Team, wanted to say a big thank you for your immediate assistance. You all make a huge and positive difference to our organisation.

Cate, NSW

Cate NSW

I personally think that any Accountant trying to run under the old model is mad. I'm working on another accounting firm I coach at the moment to get them to come across to you as well...

Warwick, QLD

Warwick QLD

I have received the information pack, thankyou. The interest is actually for a couple of friends of mine who have opened their own practice on the Northern Beaches and have been looking at outsourcing. They have actually just come back from the Philippines to look at a few options but haven't decided on anything yet. I mentioned to them that C has been using your services for a number of years and he had high praise for the work and service you provide. They were keen to learn a bit more about your setup, so I will pass on your details and information pack and they can contact you directly if they have any questions.

Toutai, NSW

Toutai NSW

This is your man for outsourcing, David Carter at Odyssey Resources. They are the best outsourcing company I have used

Colin, NSW

Colin NSW

Good to catch up and will push your business here in Australia as you have a good SMSF administration factory.

Grant, QLD

Grant QLD

I was very happy with the quality of the job. It was quite good. For super funds I would also like a clean set of financials as well as a marked up set of financials.

Nicholas, QLD

Nicholas QLD

"Thanks for putting that together David, a good read and confirmed the pros and cons. I'm very happy with your service and want to ramp it up." Refer

Tony, NSW

Tony NSW

As discussed previously when I first came onboard, I have had experiences in running an outsourcing company. I must admit the quality of work provided by your team is exceptional. I will continue to use your firm and hope to develop a long standing working business relationship.

Rocco, NSW

Rocco NSW

I am very happy with the work Odyssey is completing which you can see by the amount of work being provided.

Richard, NSW

Richard NSW

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule this morning to meet us. We had a very enjoyable morning and it was most refreshing seeing your professional and modern your business. I have really enjoyed working with you and your team and am excited about the future continuing to work together.

Ben, Vic

Ben Vic

Thank your taking the time to meet with me. I really appreciate it and I must say I am really impressed with your setup. Our work will start flowing next week.

Scott, Vic

Scott Vic

Fantastic update! Much appreciated and will complete your queries and respond today

Amreeta, NSW

Amreeta NSW

I did not use your service for a lot of returns but I will certainly be using it more often this year. Your work is excellent and fast.

Marian, WA

Marian WA

First off, I would like to thank you and your amazing team for the wonderful work done for us this year. We have managed to lodge 100% of our Funds on time and working with your company has been an absolute pleasure, not to mention their impressive quality of work and communication. I am a big fan of your business and service offering and am advocating it where I can.

B, Vic

B Vic

Very pleasantly surprised with ease of transfer and the couple of queries I had were dealt with promptly. Would have no hesitation in using service again.




Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated your team's assistance in getting this Super Fund finalised in such a short time. Could you please pass on my thanks to the team. They have worked very hard to ensure that this Fund is finalised on time for our client meeting.

E, WA, 5 Jun 2014


I would like you to pass on to the team that their interactions with me were very clear, pleasant, professional and showing the very highest standards of customer service.

A, Vic

A Vic

Just a note to say I have been delighted with the work recently. I have flooded you with SMSF recently : just confirming you are happy to do so many and have the capacity to do so? A couple have some tricky matters. I also wanted to inform you that with 30 June approaching I have every intention of utilising your services for general tax and accounting work. The standard of the job I had sent previously was very good. Thanks again for the excellent work and great customer service.



I thought you would like to know : the auditor we had in for our funds today said from what he has seen Odyssey has the best work papers of any of the outsourcers he has had experience with so far (and he does a lot!)



Hope you are well. Thank you again for getting us sorted on our jobs. A bulk lot has been uploaded and is being worked on as we speak. As always I'm very impressed with the workpapers we receive from your staff and would like to emulate here.



B 08 April 2014

Really happy with your team. It's been life changing so congratulations..

B, WA, 8 April 2014


I am very much enjoying working with Odyssey and am extremely impressed by their high standard of customer service, technology and technical excellence.
I have found it very easy working through Odyssey's process and have been extremely happy with their work turnaround times.
I find your work to be extremely satisfactory and all your staff have been wonderful and responsive communicators. Furthermore, I have found David to be very friendly and helpful. I would certainly recommend your service to others.



We most certainly are interested in sending more work your way, however (in part thanks to Odyssey) we've managed to complete almost all of our annual accounting jobs for 2013 already. We have been really impressed with the work we've received back from Odyssey and will be sending many more jobs your way in the new financial year.



Thanks so much for getting back to me on this. That is wonderful news. It's little things like this that get me excited for our clients. You are too good!



Really good top quality work by your manager David, it is not an easy concept to grasp first up and I really appreciate the assistance.



Thought I would touch base to say that the feedback I am receiving about work your firm is providing is very positive. As we look to increase the type and volume of work we do with you I just wanted to confirm that you are compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles as they came into effect mid-March 2014. Lastly, the Board has instructed that we should send a representative or two to Vietnam to meet with you and your team to help establish a stronger relationship.



Thanks for following up so promptly! Your Youtube videos are a really nice touch and I am happy to see what a beautiful office you have in HMC.

B, Vic

B Vic

Thank you again for your fantastic work. You have taken so much stress off me. It is impossible to find people at my location, and your work is far superior to any I have ever employed. Thank you again for your excellent work and service.



Thanks so much for reaching out!.. was always impressed with your quality. I gave xxx the task of speaking with all the options to decide where we may outsource all our work. We want our practice to have the lower level client service coordinators, and the high end as I am sure in the future, outsourcing will become the norm. We would like to work with your team and actually we will probably come over to visit in April this year as well.

S, Vic

S Vic

I just wanted to circle back on our experience with odyssey over the last 6 months. We are impressed by the quality of the work papers and the results produced and the pricing.



After checking Quality of work today, ( Good - Thank you ) I will be sending additional work shortly. The outsourced work is helping to deal with capacity problem Due to the number of clients that have followed me from my previous Accounting firm.



The Odyssey video brought back pleasant memories of a visit to your office. Best decision we ever made was to use Odyssey!



Awesome video guys. We really value the partnership we have with OR. Thank you for all of your hard work over the past 12 months.

R, Vic

R Vic

The Odyssey bookkeeper has been very accurate with the invoice entry and been following the accounts payable process very well.



.. you are good, prices are affordable and best of all, you deliver...



Top effort again in 2013. I sing Odyssey praises to all I meet and have no hesitation in letting clients and others know we use Odyssey.



Excellent!!! Thanks very much for the prompt response. Great service.



S QLD 08 Dec 2013

We understand the backlog levels because we had them as well. We have appreciated action on our critical jobs.

S, QLD, 8 December 2013


Very grateful for your help and your staff's throughout the years and your sincerity and hospitality whilst visiting Vietnam.



You guys do a wonderful job so I don't stress too much if there are delays.



S NSW 08 Dec 2013 (2)

Have noticed a catch up in the last couple of weeks. Fully appreciate the difficulties in keeping up with jobs especially during peak times.



Outstanding! Seems I made the right choice and picked a very efficient service. Still have not heard from the others I contacted!



A 03 Dec 2013

In October we sent several monthly bookkeeping jobs and we were happy with the quality of the work completed.



Can hardly believe the experience I have had trying to find a qualified accountant. Will contact you as our business grows.



We have also noticed a huge improvement in the last few weeks or so in clearing jobs that were with Odyssey.



K 26 Nov 2013

We are strong advocates of Odyssey and sing your praises not only with our Perth colleagues but also through the PAN.



K 20 Nov 2013

I am very happy with what has been done for us so far and we will be making it a regular thing with the client your staff have been helping us with. Hope we can send more your way.



M 18 Nov 2013

Thanks for your email. Super Fund queries will be answered this week. Thanks. All other funds are tracking ok. p.s. I will be sending a large list of Super Funds to you this week, as I am happy with the process.



C 07 Nov 2013

Much appreciated, I have only had a brief look at the job and it we are very happy with it, the referencing and support provided is excellent. Thankyou more jobs on the way.




Dear David, I thought I'd quickly email you to let you know how happy I have been with your staff. They are always polite, patient and attentive. Please let your team know that they have been truly wonderful and I find them very easy to work with. Thank you. Kind regards




Dear David, I thought I'd quickly email you to let you know how happy I have been with your staff. They are always polite, patient and attentive. Please let your team know that they have been truly wonderful and I find them very easy to work with. Thank you. Kind regards

H , VIC, 04 November 2013


W 02 Nov 2013

Invoice paid by EFT a few moments ago. Best value for money we have ever spent. N and her team are fantastic. THANK YOU



T 18 Oct 2013

Hi David, I would like to thank you sincerely for the great service you provide. You definitely didn't lose us as I am so happy with your service and I know more jobs have been sent over to you now, I think another 6 with more on their way. Thanks again,



K 18 Oct 2013

Hi David, We recently had a complex xero conversion done with your organisation and I am very happy with the results. We have further work that we need to have done on the file that I would like to subcontract out to you. Can you please tell me the best way to go about this? There will be ongoing work on this file on a monthly or quarterly basis so I assume we may need a contract of sorts. We are looking to send in the next lot of work early next week.



S 27 Sep 2013

Hi David, I don't think I thanked you for your hospitality when in Vietnam. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, your wife and your crew. You were right about everything you said, Vietnam is beautiful and it was hard to leave. We really enjoyed the experience, the people and the country. I will definitely return. I know your trip when well from your newsletter. So back to the grind now. I recommended your services to a colleague who wanted your details so I also enclose your details for him.

S , Sydney

S Sydney

D 24 Sep 2013

Thank you again for warmly welcoming me at your office in Ho Chi Minh City on 29th August. It was great to spend some time with your-self and your Yen (wife) especially over a drink in a great location. I was impressed by the quality of ORL's operations, but not surprised. I expected nothing less from your-self and Yen. The business is a true reflection of the principals behind it. Now that I have seen it first-hand, it's much easier to talk about ORL's services in Australia



Hi David, Thanks for the reply. Good to hear you are doing well. I have been to many seminars and workshops with various suppliers, you are the most spoken about outsourcer and you are getting a lot of positive feedback. Enjoy the rewards. Kind Regards



M 22 Sep 2013

Hi David, Just wanted to touch-base with you regarding my bookkeeping work. I have been very happy with the services provided so far on the company tax returns. Most of these are family businesses and I have kind of lapsed in the bookkeeping to work on growing the businesses. I really don't want to do the bookkeeping on these going forward, but not sure on the smoothest way to hand it over if it was to trial Odyssey out on the bookkeeping.

M , SA


D 11 Sep 2013

Hi, Nice to hear from you as well. Missed the trip this year but had such a great time in your country I will come again but not sure when as we are expecting number five in October so that will slow us down again for a while. I have had a few conversations with Odyssey Operations over the last couple of weeks as you are aware and your staff are lovely to deal with and very obliging. Dealing with your company is easy and efficient and the work is of a high standard so am hopeful we can ramp up the work. Hope all is well with your family. If you are ever this way please give me a call would love to catch up again. Cheers



A 27 Aug 2013

Hi David, We have actually uploaded and completed 2 Xero conversions in the last month and have been very happy with the timeliness of the service, the communication and then end result.
I know if is a drop in the ocean compared to the work that is possible to be done by your business but I am dealing with some strict guidelines as to the scope I have to engage properly at this stage.
I would like to think we will be starting with some bookkeeping work in the very near future. Kind regards

A , SA


Hi David, Hope all is well. Our work is starting to flow easier now as we are going onto the 2nd year with working with Odyssey. We have cleaned up a lot of our work. When you are in Sydney let me know as I would like to have a coffee with you.

S , Sydney

S Sydney

J 22 Aug 2013

Hi David, Odyssey do an amazing job David and I really appreciate the quality and care factor with my work. Thank you for your response.

J , Perth

J Perth

S 05 Aug 2013

Hi David, Thanks for the update. Im looking at trialing Odyssey this year to do most of my compliance work this year, so hopefully it works out.

S , Sydney

S Sydney

K 30 Jul 2013

Hi David, Can we make a time to get some bookkeeping work underway? I have had a number of conversions done and I am very happy with the quality of work and the communication with your team! Hope your bike trip went well...



Peter 30 Jul 2013

I deal with a number of accounting firms in Sydney and they have been using Odyssey Resources and are very happy with the service. On the rare occasion when problems arise they are very quickly resolved. I have heard some good and some bad stories. Odyssey is one of the good stories. From a linkedin thread

Peter, NSW

Peter NSW

Pete 24 Jul 2013

Yes I use Odyssey Resources and would thoroughly recommend them.
Feel free to make contact with David Carter I have cc'd him on this email. he is a good bloke, very bright, very engaging conversationist with a lovely wife with similar skills. They both ride a motor bike pretty darn well too.
Anyway I am back on deck here so make contact when you get back.

Pete, QLD

Pete QLD

C 22 Jul 2013

Young David,
I did get 4 copies of the (competitors spam) email. I am not interested in any of these guys and they just clog up my "in box"....too busy with work coming in.
You have my guarantee that Odyssey is the only business we will use.
Talk later. In between appointments. It's that time of the year again.

C , WA


C 16 Jul 2013

About the Odyssey annual motorbike trip !..
Hi David,
Sitting at airport waiting to catch plane home. The last 12 days or so have flooded my brain with good experiences and memories.
I would like to say a personal thank you to Yen and yourself for the Odyssey bike ride. I know you put a lot of time into the ride.
The ride was great, the group of riders were great and inspirational and it was sad to say goodbye.
Thanks again.

C , WA


P 15 Jul 213

Good morning, As a result of re jigging our service offer to our clients, we are interested in outsourcing some of our basic accounting work including preparation of individual taxation returns. Your web site has explained the process well, so now I am interested in going the next step.



W 14 Jul 2013

Hi David,
Many thanks for your email and your request on your services.
Personally, I feel what you have done and the work which comes out of Odyssey Resources Limited is the best thing I have seen in the last decade.Your service is fast and efficient. I have no hesitation in mentioning to clients that Odyssey is part of our associates.
Keep up the good work. You are streets ahead of your competitors and always will be with your service.
My pleasure David to provide you with this testimonial.

W , WA


T 10 Jul 2013

I have been in the unique position of having knowledge of how accounting firms in Australia operate; having provided management consulting & tax consulting services to a number of chartered accounting firms in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sydney & also having worked for the Big 4 in the past.
Odyssey's service is a premium service. The standard of the work is of a much higher quality you're your competitors. The working papers are at a higher standard to most small practices; many of which are still using manual working papers.
I have reviewed the other outsourcing firms & Odyssey appears to me to be the only outsourcing firm with an appropriate number of accountants experienced in Australian tax and accounting to provide a proper and efficient service.



F 09 Jul 2013

Last 12 months have been excellent. We are always promoting Odyssey Resources to other accounting firms!

F , SA


M 08 Jul 2013

Thank you for your email. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so far for the services that you are providing our firm. They have been invaluable.



G 04 Jul 2013

We anticipate we will be using ORL probably more this year than we did for the last financial year. We have generally been using your services by ascertaining our workload for a month, allocating respective amounts to each staff member here and sending overflow work to ORL.
We do intend on possibly changing this approach as we have some marketing activity in the pipeline which will take our time if successful. Getting new clients on board does take time and effort.
We have some clients who we report for quarterly and we hope to commence getting ORL to look at these.



J 04 Jul 2013

We appreciate the excellent work you undertake for us. All facets of SMSF work continue to be the major focus of our practice.

J , Tas

J Tas

J 03 Jul 2013

Thank you for your email - a nice idea to touch base with clients. Something that I should be doing!
How did you go the last 12 months - excellent.
Can you help with any other services? You are doing a brilliant job doing exactly what you do - thank you.
I will keep you in mind for referrals.

J , WA


K 28 Jun 2013

Hi David,
How funny is this! I have been referring you to a few Bookkeeper clients I have as I got your details from Peter recently!
I have also been thinking about how I can add Bookkeeping services without hassle to my services so your email is very timely.
I would love the opportunity to chat with you next week if you have some time to see what you offer and how we might work together.



T 12 Jun 2013

Thank you for your email and apologies for the delay, we have only just arrived back from Thailand, we were going to do Vietnam (my favourite place) but the airfares were too cheap to pass up.
Our work has actually wound down so that has left us with doing it inhouse, however with Tax season near approaching I will be bombarding you in the next month with the work we will get in.
We know your services are top rated, funnily enough I met another tax agent on my holiday in Thailand : he now resides there and he advised that he uses your services are definitely well known.
I will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks again for the follow up!



D 11 Jun 2013

We have completed a review of all outsourcing companies offering Australian tax and accounting services and believe your offering appears to be the most comprehensive for Australian accountants, already tested and proven for SMSF work in particular, is cost competitive with other offering in the market, offers high security of client data and provides additional comfort by holding various Australian accreditations.




I was impressed but knew your guys were good. You don't grow to over 100 staff without being impressive.



K 10 Apr 2013

Wanted to compliment your team on recent work. Odyssey has taken things to another level and are providing exceptional service.

K , WA


J 05 Apr 2013

Hello David, Firstly, I must say that you need to be prepared for the onslaught! Accountants are only just beginning to understand the outsourcing concept : one of the biggest blocks is a perceived concern that the client will not "approve" but I see that changing as clients are now often operating globally themselves. After 25 years in public accounting I am passionate about helping those who have not yet embraced the need to be building their advisory/consultancy division. Have a great day!



S 17 Mar 2013

After I sent my fund off for audit my auditor called to ask about you guys. He was impressed with the document layout provided.

S, Vic

S Vic,

K 17 Feb 2013

All your recommendations sounds sensible. You're good to work with. Work smart.



G 27 Feb 2013

We have reviewed the file and have been impressed by the quality, timeliness and process in getting the work done.



A 27 Feb 2013

I realise I am a slow starter but I needed to be certain as I am moving my entire practice's technical output to your firm.



QA Manager

Your work is as good as, and in some cases more comprehensive than what I've seen from other providers.

QA Manager, large SMSF firm,

QA Manager large SMSF firm

J 21 Feb 2013

We are very happy with the SMSF work. Going forward, I have earmarked 500 hours for the 2013 year at this point in time

J , QLD,


W 17 Feb 2013

I'd like to thank you for a splendid job. In our 10 years there hasn't been a bookkeeper that comes close to your team. Well done to all.



K 17 Feb 2013

We started off slowly with a couple of jobs. Impressed with the quality of the queries raised. We have a very positive impression.



V 07 Feb 2013

We are very happy with the service. Turnaround time was extraordinary on this occasion. Certainly using your services moving forward.

V , WA


R 07 Feb 2013

Our 1st job to you has been a great success. Really looking forward to working with you in the future.

R , Vic

R Vic

J 04 Feb 2013

Extremely happy with the SMSF work. Ramping up other compliance work.

J , Vic

J Vic


Results of first SMSF was impressive. Process was good. Now looking at Xero bookkeeping work

O , Vic

O Vic

T 30 Jan 2013

Heard about us around the traps and through colleagues using Odyssey. T believes outsourcing is the future.

T , WA


Phenomenal working papers, and deliriously happy with quality of work.

Client, QLD

Client QLD


Perfect. Thank you! You have met (and exceeded) our expectations !

Nik, Aus, 29 November 2012

Nik Aus

Michael 20 Nov 2012

Thanks David, bookkeeping working well, very happy so far. Migrating 5 more clients onto Xero this week as we speak.

Michael, Vic

Michael Vic


Amazed at quality of work, brilliant, really good. Better than what we can do here.

Tom, SA

Tom SA


We have reviewed the first group of 2012 funds processed by Odyssey and the process has been very smooth.

G , Perth

G Perth

Peter 08 Nov 2012

Year end financials process is excellent. Need to free up our accountants from bookkeeping. Let's chat re Xero and banklink.

Peter, QLD

Peter QLD

Michael 08 Nov 2012

I am happy with what you have done with the first 10 clients. I have added another 8 clients.

Michael, Sydney

Michael Sydney


Happy with your product. Am sending 50 jobs required before Christmas.

Nigel, Vic

Nigel Vic

We have sent a few jobs your way and are very happy with the standard and turnaround time.

Nigel, SA

Nigel SA


Really happy with what you guys are doing & the work papers are excellent.

Graham , Vic

Graham Vic

S 19 Sep 2012

Work is all good like all the other tasks your team completed. Transition has been seamless. Delighted with your proactive approach.



P 19 Sep 2012

I'm smashed with work. Touch base next week to trigger work with you guys FYI X seem happy. Also work with Z who like your work. Well done!

P , Vic

P Vic

S 14 Sep 2012

Everything going great guns so far with the outsourcing, it's been really good quality and the communication is excellent.



A 23 Aug 2012

Winning more work ... the friendship created during our CA PPC is a strong connection for a trusted relationship going forward!



C 21 Aug 2012

Our Snr Accountant reviewed the WP's and is very pleased with the work. The principal is excited! We had a very long discussion about how to implement a few of your techniques to improve the WP's of jobs we still do in house!



S 21 Aug 2012

We are happy with the process and quality of queries that have come back and are starting to really ramp up jobs for Odyssey.



M 16 Aug 2012

Odyssey comes highly recommended by those accountants down the road who speak highly of your work.

M , SA



Referred by Shane who gave a "glowing report" and Greg "hadn't heard too many referrals as good as this one.

Greg, Vic

Greg Vic

Scott 31 Jul 2012

Was referred by Chris who only had good things to say about Odyssey!

Scott, NSW

Scott NSW

Craig 31 Jul 2012

Congratulations - you have a very successful hi performance business which has been a pleasure to deal with as a client.

Craig, NSW

Craig NSW

G 26 Jul 2012

Feedback from the manager here is the Company job was good and we are planning on using Odyssey for further outsourcing work.

G , Vic

G Vic

Peter 24 Jul 2012

Realised later the trial was a tricky fund. Over the moon. Checked it with a fine tooth come and couldn't fault the work.

Peter, Vic

Peter Vic


Your service is a real benefit to us!

Fred, Sydney

Fred Sydney


I sent you a grizzly smsf and the cost was very reasonable and a very sceptical accountant checked the files and had to eat humble pie.

Roy, NSW


Pete 05 Jun 2012

Like your integrity, quality of work, and that we have 123 accountants!

Pete, Brisbane, 05 June 2012

Pete Brisbane


I've heard some good things about your company, and in particular MP from South Sydney.

Acct, Sydney

Acct Sydney


The workpapers are immaculate - it makes our life so easy.

Erin, Vic

Erin Vic


Using Odyssey has been good... Actually, it has been one of the most positive things I've done this year.

Shane, Melbourne

Shane Melbourne

Luke 21 May 2012

The workpapers are fantastic. Saves a lot of review time.

Luke, Sydney

Luke Sydney

B 20 May 2012

Thanks David. We have been very impressed with Odyssey, the quality of the work, turnaround times and systems.

B, Brisbane

B Brisbane


Very Impressed with the Quality of working papers.

Gary, North Queensland

Gary North Queensland


I am so excited about mastering and streamlining the process between our two firms.




Outsourcing all of our superfund work to you has saved us a mountain of time, thanks.

CA, Victoria

CA Victoria


We simply cannot achieve this efficiency and cost effectiveness by processing superfund's in-house.




We wouldn't recommend you to our associates if we didn't think it was worthwhile.

CPA, Victoria, Earlier than May 2012

CPA Victoria

CA Western Aus

I'm looking forward to more great service from the Odyssey team in 2011!

CA, Western Australia

CA Western Australia

CA Sydney

We can't compete with your superfund business and so instead of re-inventing the wheel we now seek an arrangement to send all our SMSF work through your office.

CA, Sydney

CA Sydney


I am very impressed with the work paper referencing and am keen to show my fellow partners.

CA, Victoria

CA Victoria

We would like have your people working full time on our work and increasing as work flow demands.

CA, Tas

CA Tas

I was outsourcing my work to Malaysia and then to India. It's so assuring to know that Odyssey is an Australian Registered Tax Agent and has all the bona fides to provide this quality service.

CA, New South Wales

CA New South Wales