Clients Testimonials and Visits

Odyssey Resources clients frequently give Odyssey’s Accounting, Tax, bookkeeping, SMSF outsourcing services and conversion services a Five Star rating. We’ve selected a few comments below!

Like your integrity, quality of work, and that we have 123 accountants!

Pete, Brisbane, 05 June 2012

Pete Brisbane

I've heard some good things about your company, and in particular MP from South Sydney.

Acct, Sydney, 31 May 2012

Acct Sydney

The workpapers are immaculate - it makes our life so easy.

Erin, Vic, 28 May 2012

Erin Vic

Using Odyssey has been good... Actually, it has been one of the most positive things I've done this year.

Shane, Melbourne, 24 May 2012

Shane Melbourne

The workpapers are fantastic. Saves a lot of review time.

Luke, Sydney, 21 May 2012

Luke Sydney

Thanks David. We have been very impressed with Odyssey, the quality of the work, turnaround times and systems.

B, Brisbane, 20 May 2012

B Brisbane

We would like have your people working full time on our work and increasing as work flow demands.

CA, Tas, Earlier than May 2012

CA Tas

I was outsourcing my work to Malaysia and then to India. It's so assuring to know that Odyssey is an Australian Registered Tax Agent and has all the bona fides to provide this quality service.

CA, New South Wales , Earlier

CA New South Wales

Very Impressed with the Quality of working papers.

Gary, North Queensland, Earlier than May 2012

Gary North Queensland

I am so excited about mastering and streamlining the process between our two firms.

CA, ACT , Earlier than May 2012


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