Clients Testimonials and Visits

Odyssey Resources clients frequently write nice things about our Accounting, Tax, bookkeeping and SMSF outsourcing services as well as our conversion services. We’ve selected a few comments below!

Hi David,

Thanks for your time awhile back. I greatly appreciate it and am very happy with the resultant decision to use your services.

As you would be aware I have signed up and sent some bookkeeping work through last quarter. I was very happy with the results. In fact it gave me some of my life back!

Going to the next level I’m also liking the thought of having your people begin to do some of my accounting / tax work also. That will give me more time to get out and obtain more work and better look after my existing clients.

I can see that by using your services more I will free up my time considerably and that’s what I need to get back on top and grow my business.

Again, many thanks for your services thus far.

Your Sincerely,

Chris, SA Accountant, 13 Oct 2017

Chris SA

When we thanked a client for their ongoing business, their response was:

Thanks for the business????
Oh wow thank you!!!
Having Odyssey has been a God Send for me and my business.
Thanks for taking the time to set this up.

Pete, QLD Accountant, 05 Oct 2017

Pete QLD

Special thank you to David and Helen and their well expanded team of accounting and tax professionals at Odyssey Resources Limited.
Your services are incredible. You have been there for us and supported our firm through times of overload and absence.

The accuracy, the detail, the turnaround, the communication - it's perfection. Our clients and our team couldn't be happier.

David your achievements in Vietnam and abroad are extraordinary, and your commitment back to the Vietnamese community is pure inspiration. We love your country.
We look forward to future business ahead.

Leah, NSW Accountant, 02 Oct 2017

Leah NSW

Ohh wow! That has really made my day!! I really appreciate that! I thought I had forgone those monies and felt I had mucked you guys around by not being able to continue with the fixed resource.

Cashflow has been very tight, and still trying to run the clients with the help of the Odyssey team!

David - you have a great team and offer a fantastic service - thank you!

Warm regards,

Julie, QLD Bookkeeper, 14 Jul 2017

Julie QLD

Dear ORL team

Many thanks for your urgent response and assistance.
Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.


Pete, QLD Accountant, 22 Jun 2017

Peter QLD

Hi David

Thank you!

Will be definitely reaching out to Odyssey for help again this year.

Leah, NSW, 16 Jun 2017

Leah NSW

Thank you David and the Team at Odyssey Resources,

Your services have enabled me to reduce my staffing costs while still maintaining quality of bookkeeping work.

I will soon be increasing the number of clients that we outsource to you.
Happy EOFY x
Karen, NSW, 16 Jun 2017

Karen NSW

Thanks David,

To be honest while I could tell things had gotten super busy for you, your skilled staff and my interactions has ALWAYS been done in a very very calm manner. I believe the calmness of your business (while no doubt under enormous ‘good’ pressure) is a testament to you and your work methods.

Between you me and the fencepost I don’t think compliance is going to drop one iota. Why? It would require one piece of software to do EVERYTHING. Would you trust a computer to give you possibly ‘fake financial reports’? No one will as it involves MONEY. People want trust and confirmation things are done RIGHT. That software doesn’t exist now and will never exist.

The price may drop a little but the standard of service from many businesses these days is so poor that great service business will just keep on going.

Keep up the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious service from you and your excellent team.

Robert, VIC, 16 Jun 2017

Robert VIC

Dear David,

Thanks for the annual update,

Great to see you are still powering on – such a change from our first meeting in Sydney all those years ago. (now over a decade)

Your success is a credit to your vision, planning, expertise and commitment.

My hearty congratulations.

Michael, NSW, 16 Jun 2017

Michael NSW

Hi David and Yen,

Thanks for the recent annual update.

I am very happy with the Odyssey offering and have no interest in an alternative as the offering suits me very well.

I have cc'd in John and a good supporter of mine Greg into this response even if you have emailed John, and at least I wanted Greg to hear things from the horses mouth ( so to speak ).

I look forward to getting back to HCM city (Saigon) to do the motorbike tour with your group in the near future.

Richard, WA, 16 Jun 2017

Richard WA

Visit by Frank

Lovely to have a visit by Frank from South Australia this morning!

28 September 2017


Visit by Craig

Lovely to have a visit from Sydney based Craig. Trust you enjoy the rest of your time in Vietnam!

20 April 2017

Craig Sydney

Visit by A

Lovely to have a visit from one of our Melbourne customers. Enjoy the rest of your trip in Vietnam!

31 March 2017

Adriana Melbourne