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Odyssey Resources clients frequently give Odyssey’s Accounting, Tax, bookkeeping, SMSF outsourcing services and conversion services a Five Star rating. We’ve selected a few comments below!

Dear team,

Thank you for the excellent work. I think it looks all good.

Could you please send me the financial report so I can forward to the client for signing?

Many thanks

Vania, NSW, 13 Jun 2018

Vania NSW

Thanks, team and I’ve gone through the report and well-done guys !!!

Besides a few minor adjustments, everything is done to perfection and I’m confident it should be ok for the auditor.

I’m really impressed with the quality of the WP’s great job !!

Mark, Principal of Accounting firm, Victoria, 17 May 2018

Mark VIC


Thank-you so much for the super fast queries.
I have attended to them.


Amy, QLD, 01 Mar 2018


Hi Odyssey Team,

Thank you very much,
You have saved our face. Well done!

Ryan, VIC, 01 Mar 2018

Ryan VIC

Hi David,

Would like to say we have sent a few files so far to odyssey and have been very impressed with the level of work and workpapers that have come back.

Thank you! Great service!

Kindest regards
Desiree, WA, 26 Feb 2017

Desiree WA

Hello dear Helen

Happy New Year to you and everyone at Odyssey

I was so desperate by the end of last year and by miracle a lovely lady applied to work with us on the last day of the advertisement. I was about to give up. So far things are working out well. Combined with your ongoing assistance with bookkeeping for our Xero clients. We are in a happy place finally!

In saying that I expect a very busy year ahead. And the need for a permanent resource may arise again in the near future.

Your preparation and explanations to meet out needs are amazing. Thank you so kindly. I will file this so I know what to do as soon as the requirement is there again.

Many thanks Odyssey
We love working with you

Leah, NSW Accountant, 19 Jan 2018

Leah NSW

Hi David,

Happy New Year, trust you are well.

We have been considering bringing bookkeeping back in-house because external bookkeepers are causing us bottlenecks at the moment and I'm not over the moon about the quality and lack of proactive direction they provide (i.e. I despise cleaning up their mess).

We believe bookkeeping may be a strategic vertical integration, and from a scaling perspective we'd consider engaging Odyssey to administer back end processing of bookkeeping which I'm sure runs similar to how we currently work with your tax teams. Please let me know how best to scale up the work.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

Kind Regards,

Brad, QLD Accountant, 17 Jan 2018

Brad QLD

Hi Odyssey,

You assist us with the SMSF financial statements and tax returns and provide high quality work.

We would like to outsource some of our company tax returns now. We will start with a SME group with three small companies and two trusts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Kind Regards,

Susan, NSW Accountant, 17 Jan 2018

Susan NSW

Hi David

Thankyou for your service over the last 12 months. We are very pleased with the efforts of Odyssey and are confident that we will increase the need for your services into 2018.

On behalf of all the Partners and staff here, may we extend our best wishes for Xmas and the New Year to you, your family and all of the staff at Odyssey.

Thanks again.

Mark, QLD firm Partner, 8 Dec 2017

Mark QLD

Hi David

I hope you are well. Thanks for sharing the Christmas update.

Your tremendous efforts of 10 years has created employment for so many people in Asia. Also in Australia, it has given accountants the opportunity to grow and have a better lifestyle. Their teams have been able to focus on more value-added work. At the same time it has benefited clients with better advice rather than compliance.
Thank you to you and your team for helping us this past year.

We plan to send even more work to Odyssey or consider a full time resource.

Kind regards,

S from NSW, 6 Dec 2017

Sandeep NSW

Visit by Steve and Kev

Great to have a visit by Steve and Kev from Brisbane. Steve is the principal of a Brisbane accounting firm. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the rest of your time in Vietnam!

01 Feb 2018

Steve Brisbane

Visit by Chris

Lovely to receive Chris, principal of an accounting firm in the NT, and Shufen. Odyssey has been providing Australian compliance services since 2010 to this firm. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in Vietnam!

23 Jan 2018

Chris NT

Visit by Matthew

Lovely to have the visit from Matthew, principal from an accounting firm in NSW. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in Vietnam!

08 Jan 2018

Matthew NSW

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