Mar 2016

Firm of the Future

By: Odyssey In the Press
Tags: cloud, Firm of the future, offshore

In 2007 CPA Australia released its Firm of the Future report.

Many of the key drivers of change identified in 2007 came about including technology developments, business processes, knowledge management and the mobile workforce.

Underlying enablers we now take for granted weren’t in existence at that time. Iphones, ipads, apple watches and swipe technology were still on the drawing board. Cloud technology didn’t really exist, nor was there a myriad of cloud working papers or tax return preparation packages. Disrupting companies like Uber and Airbnb were still in the incubation stage.

As we look forward to driverless cars, voice automated homes, robotic insects, gesture based user interfaces, personalised advertising, and facial recognition, it will be interesting to see what the next 10 years will bring to the accounting world.

But for now, step back in time to 2007, and have a look at the firm of the future as it existed in 2007.

More information available from CPA Australia website.

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