Apr 2017

Disruption in the real estate sector, lessons for Australian compliance

By: Odyssey General
Tags: Automation, Digital Disruption, Outsourcing, real estate, time on compliance

Watching the recent changes in the Australian real estate sector has been interesting, along with comments about McGrath and the newly formed “The Agency”. An interesting comment surfaced recently: “Going back before the float I could see the fragmentation of the industry – the huge impact the internet is having on our business model, the unprecedented low stock levels, and how …


Apr 2017

The 2017 salary rise forecast indicates up to 6.3% raises for Tax Compliance staff. Time to outsource?

By: Odyssey Publication
Tags: pay rise, Robert Half, salary guide

Robert Half released their 2017 Salary guide with insights into the latest salary ranges for finance and accounting, technology and administration and office support professionals. The report says the biggest gains in starting salaries are in Brisbane, with pay cheques in finance and accounting jobs set to rise by 3.5 percent. Melbourne is second with increases of 2.5 per cent. The top …


Apr 2017

Australian Accountants have big problems: Disruption hits hard in professional services.

By: Odyssey General
Tags: compliance, Disruption, Offshoring

We live in interesting times, but there is no denying disruption over the past 20 years since the internet and email burst onto the scene. Uber, Airbnb and Xero have been around for over a decade, and yet at the same time we still have rampant use of desktop bookkeeping and accounting software here in Australia. A little over a …


Apr 2017

How accountants will survive automation

By: Odyssey Automation
Tags: Automation, Bots, compliance

Remaining relevant suddenly takes on a sense of urgency with recent automation releases. It’s pretty obvious by now that clients aren’t going to pay for someone to regurgitate the tax code, when they have access to the same tax code online. Firms building their own compliance teams offshore are headed in the wrong direction. The push should be into automation, …