Apr 2021

Why it’s critical for Accounting firm owners to get out of the business, and turn it into an investment

By: Odyssey General
Tags: cashflow, community, investment, leadership, value

We’ve all seen the cash flow quadrant which encourages people to move from being an employee (having a job) into being self-employed (owning a job) to being a business owner (owning a system) and into being an investor (owning investments). Whilst it’s a sobering thought of the massive number of companies that don’t make it to the second year, let …


Apr 2021

Are you ready to disclose your Australian accounting outsourcing: 1 July 2021 APES305

By: Odyssey Legislation
Tags: accounting outsourced services, actuarial certificate, apes 305, Cloud computing, Disclosure

In December 2020 a revised APES 305 was released with a mandatory requirement, effective 1 July 2021, to disclose material outsourcing. In section 3.6 Where a Member in Public Practice will utilise Outsourced Services in the provision of Professional Services to a Client, the Member shall document and communicate the details of the Outsourced Service Provider, the geographical location of …