Jul 2017

Australians taking tax shortcuts overseas

Australians taking tax shortcuts overseas. Short term gain, long term pain.

By: Odyssey Legislation
Tags: law, overseas tax, Vietnam

After almost three decades overseas, we’ve seen some interesting behavior from Australians taking shortcuts overseas. Below are several of the examples, and some of the more interesting cases we’ve seen. Starting off with the interesting story of an Australian who killed a taxi driver over a $10 dispute on a taxi fare. However, let’s look at some of the issues …


Jul 2017

The Future of the Professions – Commoditisation and Automation all around

The Future of the Professions – Commoditisation and Automation all around

By: Odyssey Automation
Tags: Big data, future of professions, lawyers

We had an Australian lawyer visit our office the other day. This is pretty unusual, especially as we’re pretty much just about accounting for accountants. Anyway, he’d been referred by his friend, an accountant, who said he should look us up if he was ever in Vietnam. He’d more recently been feeling the pressure of the legal profession, and the …


Jul 2017

How Australian accounting firm owners can semi-retire with lower risk…

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Client comments, Offshoring, Outsourced Services

I received a message from an Australian accountant the other day. The message went something like this: Hi David, Just some feedback from my Partner in business (an old school hardworking now moving to retiring not the easiest lady to impress). You made it easy the questions that came back were of calibre and clearly indicated that you had certainly …