Post-implementation review

How to conduct a Post-Implementation Review

By: Odyssey Practice Management Series

When it comes to the management and monitoring stage in the outsourcing, you should conduct a post-implementation review to assess how well the transition went.

This is to measure the results of the project, identify key lessons learned and develop an action plan in accordance with the findings.

The list of questions below gives you a guideline of what issues should be considered to conduct the post-implementation review.

  • In overall terms is the outsourcing arrangement ‘fit for purpose’ – that is, usable and workable?
  • Did the implementation meet the business’s requirements set out in the business case?
  • Did the implementation identify business requirements that were not set out in the business case (that is, were the business requirements set out in the business case complete?)
  • Did the implementation realise all the expected benefits that were identified in the business case?
  • Did the implementation meet staff, owner and client expectations?
  • Did the implementation have unexpected impacts on the business?
  • Did the implementation effectively mitigate the key risks identified in the business case and project plan?
  • What actions can be agreed upon and implemented as an action plan to address issues identified in this analysis?

Advice from our expert: “You should conduct the post-implementation review frankly and honestly. All issues need to be considered transparently and without bias.”

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