Sep 2019


Stop emailing me with offers of resources: I can code, and so can my staff

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Australian tax compliance, Outsourcing

I was looking through one of my social media feeds recently, and saw in the news feed a comment from a frustrated IT person, who was obviously receiving far too much email spam (like that never happens to anyone in real life right?), and somewhat frustratedly had jumped onto social media to indicate they could code and had no need of emails offering programming support.

I’m sure you can see where our blog is heading this week.

Yes, there is no doubt, that the principal of the business would have set up their business because they are good at what they set their business up in, but the reality is that shouldn’t be what they do. It’s been over 20 years since business owners have been told to work “On their business, and not in the business”.

Not only is the cost of the owner’s time something that needs to be considered, but what about the cost of the staff time. Compare this to an overseas resource.

Add to this, an outsourced offering is a full service offering, which means the piece of work comes back fully reviewed and fully completed.

And recall that a fully outsourced service offering also includes all the things owners forget. Such as scheduling, resource allocation, juggling resources. That’s just for employees and offshore labour hire firms.

What about the direct involvement of managers, required to train staff, and required to review the work performed.

What about staff turnover, be it employees or offshore labour. All that IP walks out the door to another competitor.

And the owner, I’m sure they should be doing something else than having their hands on the tools.

We accept there is something soothing about having your hands on the tools as a business owner, but it’s really a head in the sand approach to future proofing your business’

Odyssey has built a compliance business over 15 years that completes over 50,000 jobs. We can assure you our CEO does not work on compliance jobs.

If you’d like to talk about Odyssey can give you some breathing space to work ‘On your business” them drop us a line.

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