Oct 2019

Its ok for the 10% of what you love to change over the years

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Australian Accountant, Outsourcing

Last week we talked about finding that optimum spot in your working life.

Our view is that work (and life) satisfaction comes from spending 90% (or more) doing the 10% that you love, and 10% of your time on the 90% other stuff.

There needs to be downtime, but the most benefit in life comes from challenging yourself in the area where you have skills. Honing those skills is critical. Stretching yourself “in your moment” and “in your area of expertise” is what is critical to achieving some form of happiness.

And it can be found in any place and any time. Whether it is holding the planking pose for longer than you usually do, or challenging yourself in some other way, the important thing is to stretch.

And that challenge should change over the years. You need to change it around. There is no point in continuing to do the morning cryptic crossword at breakneck speed, if this isn’t stretching you. Do something different. Learn a language. Learn something new in a new culture. Plan a trip.

And the key is to find more and different challenges. The key to long life, as expressed by many online reviews, is not just the Mediterranean diet, but a social group, low stress, and finding some challenge to occupy your time.

So find your 10% sweet spot, recognise it will (and should) change over the years, and leave the compliance work to the Odyssey!

Have a great (challenging) weekend!

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