Jan 2020

Odyssey Accountants 2020 – Celebrate the Past and Create the Future

Odyssey Accountants 2020 – Celebrate the Past and Create the Future

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Australian Accountant, Australian compliance, Australian tax compliance outsourcing, new year, Outsourcing

During the past 10 years, it’s quite a decade of Odyssey. We had experienced our strong growth from the pioneer to become the market leader in outsourcing for Australian accounting firms. The achievements of Odyssey are the results of the companion of our clients and employees during this 10–year milestone. And we would like to express our thankfulness to all. …


Dec 2019

Key Criteria in Choosing a Right Australian Accounting Outsourcing Partner for your firm

Key Criteria in Choosing a Right Australian Accounting Outsourcing Partner for your firm: Part 1 of 2 – Maximize Your Cost Efficiency

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Accounting Firms, ad-hoc model, Australian Accountant, Cost, Outsourcing

During the festive season, many Australian accounting firms will close and thus not work on their compliance jobs. In order to reduce the burden of deadlines after the holiday, Australian accounting firms can choose a better solution: outsourcing. Indeed, most of outsourcing firms in Asia countries like Vietnam still process work during the Christmas and New Year season. However, it …


Nov 2019


Walls closing in

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Advisory consulting, Australian Accountant, Australian compliance, Outsourcing

Accenture recently announced a shedding of significant staff, where the last shedding was almost 17 years ago. What’s interesting about this is that a week ago the firm Deloitte announced it is set to dissolve one of its six business units, Deloitte Private, an advisory arm aimed at small and medium enterprises and high net-worth individuals, and move its partners, …


Jul 2019


Why micromanaging is wrecking your Australian accounting firm

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Australian Accountant, micromanagement, Outsourcing

This week we’re talking about micromanagement by Australian accounting firm owners.  We’ve all read the negatives associated with micromanagement, which is, for Australian accounting firms, one step removed from doing the work yourself. There are still plenty of Australian accounting firm owners who love nothing more than getting on the tools and getting out a tax return. And there’s plenty …


Jan 2019

Rewarding offshore workser - Website

What your offshore workers really want… hint: it’s not cash

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Australian Accountant, employee productivity, offshore worker

Forget the table tennis tables and the bean bags, the employees of today want a lot of different things, and it isn’t just cash. In this digital age, there’s certainly a lot of transition of employees after a year or two, and no end of consultants advising on what to do about ensuring your employees are engaged and happy in …


Oct 2018

The fourth wave

The Fourth Wave of Industrialisation, and its impact on Australian compliance work.

By: Odyssey Automation
Tags: artificial intelligence, Australian Accountant, Intuit, Xero

If you managed to attend Xerocon at the Brisbane convention centre recently, you might have noticed some pink flamingos in a ball pit, and other interesting goings on. Certainly the new cloud providers are expanding traditional accountants mindset, and challenging the status quo of traditional compliance! So for some it might not seem unusual on Day 1 of Xerocon for …


Sep 2018

Remote workers outperform office workers

The 5 top reasons why “Outsourced” Remote staff are outperforming local office workers

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Australian Accountant, Outsourcing, Remote staff

In a recent Harvard Business Review report the number of people who say they can’t concentrate at their desk has increased by 16% since 2008, and the number of those who don’t have access to quiet places to do focused work is up by 13%. Office space design today seems to come with noises and other distractions that break concentration or …


Aug 2018

Outsourcing is all about Trust

Outsourcing is all about Trust

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Australian Accountant, Odyssey, Trust

For Australian accounting business owners, sending out a critical part of their compliance business to an overseas outsourcing services provider is pretty hard. It’s not only hard, but it’s soul wrenching, gut wrenching, and stressful. There are concerns about whether the quality is ok, whether the data is safe, whether the provider can be trusted to provide consistent quality, … …


Jun 2018

Australian compliance outsourcing: a level playing field

Australian compliance outsourcing: a level playing field

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Ad hoc jobs, Australian Accountant, Full time resources

We’ve often predicated that Australian compliance outsourcing levels the playing field for Australian firms small and large. Odyssey has over 1,000 Australian accounting firms utilizing our services on an ad-hoc basis, which means as long as we receive one job during the year, then we’ll keep your account open. After a year with no jobs, we do like to make …