Apr 2018

Mediocrity and the offshore worker

Mediocrity and the offshore worker

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: gig economy, offshore worker, Seat Leasing, value pricing

There is a large amount of Australian compliance work being done overseas, and recently there have been cheaper “offshore” offerings by labour hire firms. These labour hire firms tend to offer a controlled offering, which seems to be accepted in line with the traditional business model some accountants understand and prefer. Newer accounting business model adoptees are ok with the …


Feb 2018

Offshoring - are you caught by the royalty withholding rules?

Offshoring – are you caught by the royalty withholding rules?

By: Odyssey Legislation
Tags: ATO, Offshoring, royalty withholding rules, Seat Leasing

Australian businesses looking to pay for outsource or offshore services need to be aware of the royalty withholding rules under Australia’s tax laws. For clients that are offshoring and paying a “seat lease” fee which includes rental of office equipment and software, then a payment for some of these items might arguably fall within the ambit of Royalty. As noted …


Feb 2017

Increasing your firms capacity: Outsourcing versus Employee Leasing

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Australian tax compliance, BPO, Offshoring, Seat Leasing

Whilst the header on our blog this week mentions Outsourcing versus Employee Leasing, we should mention a third option being “DIY outsourcing”. So there are three options accountants may consider when looking at increasing Australian bookkeeping/accounting/tax compliance capacity within their firm. Business Processing Operation (BPO) Employee Leasing, sometimes referred to as Seat Leasing “Do it yourself” leasing BPO generally allows …