Feb 2020


Process Standardization In Outsourcing Australian Compliance: the key success of a BPO service provider

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: australian accounting, BPO, Compliance Work, SMSF, standardization

Imagine if your offshore staff had no set guidelines for handling a compliance job. It would be like you picked up randomly some people from the street, sat them down at the helpdesk, and expected them to complete the job well. Every BPO provider for Australian accounting usually work on tons of compliance jobs, and need to finish them smoothly …


Nov 2017

The slow fuse of Australian Accounting and Taxation Compliance disruption.

The slow fuse of Australian Accounting and Taxation Compliance disruption

By: Odyssey General
Tags: Disruption, new business models, standardization

There must be many out there questioning where all the promised disruption is. Sometimes it seems like a slow burning fuse. Everyone seems remarkably focused on disruption, and new business models, that it’s a bit like peering at the dawn waiting for the impending attack. Anyone who’s actually stared at the dawn light knows that dawn isn’t punctual, and can …