Sep 2020


Successful recipe for Smaller accounting Firms: picking resource volumes to match needs and demands

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: Accounting firm, Ad hoc jobs, flexible resources, Outsourced Services, SEM

In this slightly difficult and turbulent time, it’s the smaller firms that have already utilised part time flexible resource inputs, that have managed to weather the storm slightly better. And with discussions of Zombie companies in Australia, no accounting firm owner really has a clear idea of how many of their clients are functioning viable entities, and how many will …


Aug 2017

Finding work life balance for Australian accounting firm owners

Finding work life balance for Australian accounting firm owners

By: Odyssey General
Tags: flexible resources, on-demand economy, workforce, young generation

Looking at the next generation entering the workforce the older generation frequently comment “things were different” when they entered the workforce, and that older generation were lucky to have a job. That older generation probably forgets that each new generation is accused of being less resilient than the previous generation. Certainly it can’t be denied that a “job for a …