Mar 2019

Assessing Integrated Technology Platform

How well an OSP and a client work together on an Integrated Technology Platform

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: communication, confidentiality, Security, Technology, Timesheet

Last month we presented the checklist on the quality of the OSP’s technology platform. For this time, it is about the integrity between the OSP and you, the client. Answer these questions below to assess the integrated technology platform. Internal communication How will you communicate with your outsourced staff? Will they report to one person on your team or collaboratively with …


Feb 2019

Practice management series - 1

What to Consider when Evaluating the Service Provider’s Technology Platform

By: Odyssey Outsourcing
Tags: internet, software, Technology

As we all know, technology is the backbone of the outsourcing practice. A reliable and secure technology platform of the OSP gives much more confidence for the accountants to outsource accounting, taxation and bookkeeping compliance. We will look into what criteria to evaluate the service providers’ technology platform. Internet speed and reliability What is the reputation of the Internet Service …


Sep 2018


Navigating Change – why minds are stuck on old tracks

By: Odyssey General
Tags: Change, future, Technology

I was thinking the other day about generational differences in approaches to navigating, and how we all achieve the same (compliance output) but approach it in many different ways. When I was younger (pre internet), I’d watch my dad drive using maps for longer distances, and street maps for local situations. Maps were studied diligently before the journey, with landmarks …


Nov 2016

Accounting Compliance gets a breather

By: Odyssey Publication
Tags: cloud, compliance, Outsourcing, Technology

The annual 2016 Good Bad Ugly – Executive Summary Report has just been released and there is some interesting news on the Compliance front. The Business Fitness team have pushed out some revelations contradicting the current thought that compliance is dead. In an interesting twist this year, the report indicates that while accounting firms have introduced other services into their business …


Sep 2016

An NZ Economists view of things

By: Odyssey Publication
Tags: iphone, Technology, Wages growth

We thought this week we’d strike out into some interesting territory, and Tony Alexander’s BNZ weekly overview of 25th August 2016 gives some interesting reading. With most Australians holding property or intending to invest in Australian property, the NZ outlook gives a good view of our own market. Though it should be remembered that NZ has no stamp duty for property, no …